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FX Airguns - Impact M3, Black - 700mm, .30 Cal

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Introducing the FX Airguns Impact M3 in a sleek Black finish, featuring a 700mm barrel and firing .30 caliber projectiles. Engineered for excellence, the FX Impact M3 sets a new standard in airgun technology, delivering unmatched precision, power, and performance. Key Features: 1. Cutting-Edge Design: The FX Impact M3's stunning Black finish isn't just for aesthetics; it's a reflection of the airgun's modern and innovative design. This airgun stands out as a masterpiece of engineering, meticulously crafted for both functionality and visual appeal. 2. 700mm Barrel Length: Equipped with a 700mm barrel, the Impact M3 offers improved accuracy and higher velocities. This longer barrel optimizes the flight path of projectiles, resulting in consistent and accurate shots even at extended ranges. 3. .30 Caliber Domination: Built for power, the Impact M3 fires .30 caliber rounds that pack a serious punch. Whether you're aiming at targets or tackling small to medium-sized game, the larger caliber delivers superior stopping power and ensures a humane and effective shot. 4. Unrivaled Precision: The FX Impact M3 is synonymous with accuracy. Thanks to its advanced design and quality craftsmanship, each shot is delivered with outstanding precision, allowing you to hit your mark with confidence and consistency. 5. Advanced Technology: This airgun incorporates the latest advancements in airgun technology, setting it apart from the competition. From the mechanics to the materials, every aspect of the Impact M3 is optimized for peak performance. 6. Customizable Performance: The Impact M3 empowers shooters to fine-tune their experience. With adjustable power settings and a customizable trigger, you have the flexibility to adapt the airgun's performance to your preferences and shooting scenarios. 7. Limited Edition Refurbished Model: The specific model FXI353621 is a limited edition refurbished unit, painstakingly restored to its original glory. This means you're not just getting an exceptional airgun; you're getting one that has been carefully inspected, refurbished, and approved for top-tier performance. 8. All-Encompassing Value: Combining aesthetics, power, accuracy, and technology, the FX Impact M3 offers an all-encompassing value that's hard to match. It's a premium airgun that caters to both enthusiasts and serious shooters, delivering an experience that transcends expectations. 9. Pursuit of Excellence: With its Black finish and high-performance capabilities, the Impact M3 exemplifies the pursuit of excellence in shooting. Whether you're engaging in precision target shooting or challenging hunting scenarios, this airgun is a reliable companion that rises to the occasion. 10. Limited Availability: Refurbished units of the FX Impact M3 Black edition with a 700mm barrel and .30 caliber are available in limited quantities. This exclusivity adds to the allure of owning a truly exceptional airgun that's both unique and high-performing. In summary, the FX Airguns Impact M3 in Black is an embodiment of cutting-edge technology and precision shooting. With a 700mm barrel and .30 caliber capability, this airgun is designed to deliver remarkable accuracy, power, and customization options. Elevate your shooting endeavors with an airgun that defines excellence in every shot.
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Additional Information

.30 Cal
700mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Impact M3
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