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Make sure you know exactly what you want before you buy one of our actions from BAT Machine, one of the best rifle actions makers. Bullet Central has put together a helpful guide that are especially relevant in helping you learn about the different types of BAT actions and feature options.bat actions selection guide


These Tech Central videos, featuring our director Dave Gaboury, go over all the models of BAT actions and their features.

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Medium size BAT actions

bat Machine neuvo NEWSee Neuvo Actions in stock
The Neuvo BAT action is state-of-the-art in terms of accuracy with improved safety features that is ready for competition out of the box. Dwight Scott & Bruce Thom are the minds behind the Neuvo action. The Neuvo action incorporates all the best ideas Dwight has seen in 35 years of building the most accurate rifles on earth. With Dwights concepts, a manufacturing company was needed, and BAT Machine was at the top of the list,  headed by Bruce Thom.

See TR Actions in stock
The New TR Bat Action is identical to the VR action with some improvements for tactical shooting;  A new extractor and ejector port for fast shooting, a new body design for increased stiffness, a new bolt design that increases reliability in dirty conditions, and a trigger hanger for tunable pin fall.  This action is compatible with AI double stack magazines.


Bat Actions BSee Model B in stock
These BAT rifle actions are one of the most versatile actions BAT machine makes. It’s great for larger standard varmint cases. One of the most popular models for short range is the BAT Machine Model B because it also works well for the 6BR, 6Dasher and 6.5/47 cases, it makes a great action for cases based on 22-250 and up to 6mm Remington. This is the best choice for rifles from 10 to 16 lbs shot off a rest that are not carried a great deal.


BAT Machine Model MBSee Model MB in stock
This model is a variation of the B model BAT actions, it has the same bolt and port length as a B action but the end of the action is longer and therefore gives you additional space to bond it with the stock. It has a integral sleeve that goes over .935″ of a barrel, and as a result giving you surface for bedding it on a rifle. The MB action is 8.500″ long, it has several exterior shape options, has a starting weight is 38.5 oz and can vary depending on features chosen. The load port length is 3.00″ and the barrel tenon is 1.062×18 tip and has a maximum barrel is 1.25″ and a maximum shoulder contact of 1.23″.

action model DS

See Model DS in stock
The DS BAT actions are also a popular action for short range because it is a benchrest specific action that handles PPC and BR cases. This action was designed based on the Model B action and includes an adjustable trigger hanger, a roller cocking piece and a dual port setup. The load port is designed specifically for short case lengths to allow for faster and smoother bolt cycling. The action is 7.565″ long and only comes as a 1.35 round, the weight of the DS is 32.5 oz but can vary depending on features chosen and the load port length is 2.80″ long and the barrel tenon is 1.062×18 tpi.


BAT actions 3LSee Model 3L in stock
The 3 Lug action, or 3L, can be used for short range and benchrest shooting because it can handle 223 to 308 cases. The 3L is the smallest of BAT’s 3 lug actions and is comparable to the Model B and Model DS BAT actions in size, but the 3 lug bolt throw is only 60 degrees, while the bolt throw on a 2 lug action like the B and DS is 90 degrees. The bolt body on a 3 lug also covers the lug area and reduces the chance of a shooter getting blow by in the face. This action is 7.43″ long and comes in several body shapes with a starting weight of 33 ounces, a load port length of 2.70″, and the barrel tenon is 1.062×18 tpi.


See Model VR in stockBAT Actions VR
The VR is a Remington 700 short action and is excellent for tactical shooting or hunting that is 8.00″ long and 1.35″ in diameter. The average weight is 33.4 oz. with an integral rail, but varies with the options chosen. Typically this is a repeater action, but it can be ordered as a single shot. The load port can be cut for almost any Remington 700 short action and the ejector port length is 2.55″ while the barrel tenon is 1.062x18tpi.


Large size BAT actions

BAY-actions-MSee Model M in stock
The Model M BAT actions are well-suited to many calibers used in F Class and benchrest competition and is great for those wanting to shoot around 1,000 yards or further by using bigger cases. The M can handle big cases up to a .338 Lapua used by long range hunters shooting off a rest that do not need a fast followup shot. It can also work well all the way down to the 243 Winchester, it is .935″ longer than the Model B to allow for the larger cartridges and more bedding surface. The starting weight for this action is 48 ounces and requires a 1.25″ diameter barrel.


BAT-actions-HRSee Model HR in stock
 These BAT actions are typically used for tactical shooting or hunting as it is typically a repeater, but can be ordered as a single shot. The HR is a Remington 700 long action that will fit most stocks with either none or very minor inletting changes. The action is 8.860″ long and 1.35″ in diameter and the average weight, with a integral picatinny rail, is 36.4 ounces, the load port on this action can be cut for almost any Remington 700 long action, including the extended Wyatt boxes. The ejector port is 3.52″ in length and the barrel tenon is 1.125×16 tpi.


BAT actions CTSee Model CT in stock
The CT BAT actions are the same size as the Model M, but has a larger barrel tenon. This allows for usage of the CheyTac case and is 8.500″ long, the load port length is 3.35″ and the barrel tenon is 1.187×16 tpi. This action can be 1.550 diameter or 1.470 octagon with an integral 20 moa picatinny rail.



BAT 3LLSee Model 3LL in stock
The 3LL action is the largest 3 lug action BAT machine makes, it is comparable to the 2 lug model M in size and will only work on cases up to the Magnum size. The advantage of a 3 lug action is the bolt throw is only 60 degrees rather than 90 degrees. This reduces the chance of blow by getting in the shooters face. The 3LL action is 8.43″ long and can be ordered in several body shapes, the starting weight is 38.5 ounces, the load port length is 3.325″ and the barrel tenon is 1.062 x 18 tpi.


Extra large size BAT actions

BAT Actions L

See Model L in stock
The Model L BAT actions are longer than the M and CT actions and also has a larger barrel tenon. The L action is 10.00″ long with several shape options with a starting weight of 80 ounces but can vary depending on features chosen. The load port length is 3.80″ and barrel tenon is 1.25 x 16 tpi, it requires a 1.45 inch diameter barrel. For more information click here.


BAT Model EXNo Model EX BAT actions in stock at this time

The EX BAT actions are the largest offered by BAT Machine. It is designed to work with 50 BMG cartridges with a starting weight of 128 ounces. The action is 12.00″ long and has two exterior shape options, a load port length of 5.50″and the barrel tenon is 1.5 x 16 tpi, it requires a 1.75 inch diameter barrel. For more information click here.




For more information on these actions by BAT Machine, check out their website: click here.  In addition, see what some others are saying about them at the Benchrest Central forum: click here.

bat actions
Choose the features you want from our BAT actions and we will find the best custom rifle action for you. Use our simple form to build an action and our friendly staff will contact you quickly to get your custom BAT action on its way to you.

BAT Action Features

Metal Types  Stainless Steel Most actions are made out of stainless steel because it gives you corrosion resistance and is easier to machine. It also has a beautiful finish. Chrome Moly Chrome Moly can have a blued finish.



BAT actions finishes

Polished A very popular, and shiny finish. MeloniteThis finish hardens the surface, therefore making it more resistant to galling, giving the action a flat black color. Bead-blasted This finish is dull and anti-reflective. Blued finish This is only available on Chrome Moly receivers.



Body Shape

Round A sleek-looking round action and is generally available in 1.35″ or 1.55″ depending on your barrel size. Multiflat This shape has more flat surfaces than the octagon and is typically a 1.4″ diameter action. Octagon This action is typically 1.4″ or larger.




BAT actions Port options

Repeater This type of action is typical for hunting rifles and tactical styles of shooting, includes a bottom-fed cartridge configuration, this is typically found in VR and HR models. The rounds are fed in from the bottom of a magazine, and therefore as you work the action, the empties are ejected out the side. Single port actions have the rounds fed and ejected through the same port, these can be on either side. A dual port action has one port for loading on one side of the action and another port on the opposite side where empties are ejected. The ejection port may be smaller than the feed port so you must make sure the brass of the caliber you are shooting will fit the ejection port.

BAT actions Fluting

None This is the basic bolt body option, has a completely flat surface and is the heaviest of the bolt fluting options.  Spiral fluting means the flutes are cut in a spiral down the length of the bolt.  Diamond Flutes are cut in both directions on the bolt making a diamond pattern, consequently this fluting is the lightest bolt fluting option.  Straight fluting is just a straight divot down the bolt body.



BAT actions Bolt Face

Diameter options .223, PPC, PPC BR, .308, Magnum, .338 Lapua, .408 Cheytac, 50 BMG





None Having an ejector is a personal preference and bolt faces can be made without an ejector. Having an ejector forces the spent brass out of the receiver quickly.




BAT actions Extractor

Sako The Sako-style extractor is common on smaller calibers.  The sliding plate extractor is stronger than the Sako style and is common on larger caliber bolt faces.




BAT actions Bolt Knob The regular bolt knob is round and machined as part of the bolt handle. The tactical bolt knob is larger than the regular knob with more of a teardrop shape. The tactical knob is easier to grab for some shooters, particularly in tactical shooting situations such as PRS.




BAT actions Mounting OpticsBAT Actions without a picatinny rail comes tapped with spots to mount your preferred optics system. The BAT integral pictanny rail is machined into the action body, therefore the rail will never come lose, but it also means once chosen, the angle of the rail can never be changed.  A detachable picatinny rail is attached to the action receiver and can be changed if you would like a different slope for the optics system.



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