EXS Action

Due to feedback at SHOT Show, BAT has decided to make a shorter and lighter version of the EX action to help with the new weight restrictions on some ELR shooting matches.

10″ (2″ shorter than the current EX)
Port Length:
3.89″ (1.6″ shorter than the current EX)
Bolt Diameter:
Bolt Face:
50BMG and 408CT
Tenon size:
1-1/2×16 TPI and requires a 1.75 minimum diameter barrel
Recoil Lug:
Pressed into a 1/2″ wide slot and held in place with a 1/4″ screw under the load port area of the action

2″ round
Available in Dual Port
3 action screws(3/8-24 thread)
4 scope screw holes (1/4-28 thread)
All EXS actions will be melonited

Included with the action:
A black anondized aluminum trigger guard, aluminum pillars, action screws, a 60 MOA bolt on a stainless steel picatinny rail and the BAT replaceable and adjustable trigger hanger.

Serial # Description Price
EXS16 EXS, Stainless Steel, Right Bolt, Left Load, Right Eject, 50 BMG, Spiral Fluting, Picatinny Bolt On 60 MOA, Bolt In Lug, Nitride, Round 2.0″, Tactical knob $2,520 Call to Order