The Neuvo LR Action

Material Stainless Steel, surface treated with Melonite
Length 8.428″
Weight 2.88 lbs
Load Port Length 3.15″
Ejection Port 2.2″
Bolt Diameter .898″

To order an action, please give us as call at +1 701 371 4444.  (Monday – Friday 9AM to 5PM CST)

The BAT Neuvo incorporates key features that contribute to its extreme accuracy. The end result is a state of the art action in terms of accuracy and improved safety features making it ready for competition. The Neuvo is the brain child of Dwight Scott and Bruce A.Thom.

More than five years ago, Dwight Scott and I started talking about a new type of receiver for bolt action target shooting. Being the practical and skilled gentleman Dwight is, he decided to incorporate all of the best ideas from his 35 years of experience, building the most accurate rifles, towards the Neuvo.

With all of Dwight’s concepts in hand, we started looking for a manufacturing partner. One company rose to the top of our list. BAT Machine is headed by Bruce Thom whose passion for rifle actions began as a child. BAT is based out of Idaho and focuses in on quality in every action they make. It is no wonder they have been leading the pack at every major benchrest match to date. Dwight has worked with BAT previously to create their highly successful DS action.

Working with Dwight and Bruce has been a fantastic opportunity for Bullet Central. Combined, their passion in understanding what it takes to ignite primers with astonishing consistency, is unparalleled. Bullet Central is honored to have been a part of the Neuvo project. We have enjoyed seeing what competitors from around the world have and continue to achieve!

Happy Shooting! – Chris Harris