The Bix’n Andy Trigger – Bullet Central Lineup

The Bix'n Andy Trigger - Bullet Central Lineup

In January Bullet Central went down to Las Vegas, NV for SHOT Show 2017, for four days we talked to customers and launched the brand new Bix’n Andy TacSport trigger, (as well as introduce a few other products). When we got back, we noticed some confusion between the older competition triggers and the new TacSport, so we put together this video.  Watch as Chris Harris explains each Bix’n Andy Trigger and the differences between the competition line up and the new sporting lineup.

We’ve been selling the Bix’n Andy triggers in the United States for the past five years, and were patented by Andy Aztl in Austria back in 2004. Since then they’ve helped shooters achieve world records in rimfire and benchrest competitions.  All Bix’n Andy triggers are machined out from scratch, and have in the past 5 years we’ve been selling them they’ve had relatively no failures. This success to mostly due to their trademark Ball Trigger technology.  In the video you’ll see Chris explain exactly how the ball triggers work, here is a diagram of each part of the single stage trigger.

Bix'n Andy Inside Competition Trigger Balltrigger Mechanism

When the trigger is activated the top sear comes down and rests on the ball bearings.  These balls are capable of supporting a large downward force exerted from the cocking piece once it engages with the top sear. From here the retainer bar breaks away and the balls fall, giving the trigger an extremely fast unlock time.  The method is what allows for such a low reset force.

Trigger Reset refers to the upward force exerted on the top sear after the trigger is let off, you want this low because it puts the least amount of force onto the cocking piece.

To make things easier we have split up the Bix’n Andy Triggers into 2 categories, Competition & Sporting.  The main difference between these is the available trigger force.  The Competition triggers can safely be set down to 1/3 of an ounce and goes up to 2 pounds.  The Sporting triggers can be set as low as 10 ounces and up to 4.5 pounds.  The Competition series is meant for benchrest shooters, or those who want accuracy with the least amount of pull force.  The Sporting series was created because of the increase in requests for a trigger for hunters & tactical shooters that could be set at a higher pull force.

You’ll notice the Competition Series is more expensive than the Sporting Series, this is because currently the Competition triggers have more parts than the Sporting.  Also because The Competition triggers are made with anodized aluminum that brings down their weight, while the Sporting triggers are made with stainless steel.

The Competition Series

Can be set as low as .3 ounces (~10 grams) and as high as 2 pounds (~1 kg).  Made with Anodized Aluminum, and are available for the Tikka, Sako, Blaser, Mauser, & Remington 700 actions.

The first Bix’n Andy triggers were made for the Blaser and the Sako rifle actions, the Bix’n Andy Blaser trigger was ideal because people in Europe love the Blaser receivers but were not fond of the trigger.  So, Bix’n Andy came up with a great solution for the, using the Ball Trigger technology.

Rem700 Single Stage Benchrest Trigger

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Bix'n Andy Trigger Competition Balltrigger

Tikka T3, Sako 75, Blaser R93, & Mauser 98 Triggers

  • Some are available with Left or Right Top Safeties
  • if you have questions about these or any of our products please call +1 701 371 4444

Rem700 Basic Two Stage Benchrest Trigger

  • Lef, Right, or No Safety
  • With or Without Bolt Stop Release
  • Stages are completely independent of each other
  • Basic Two Stage comes with free basic trigger shoe, if you want something else you can purchase the Anschutz Sensieve Shoe.

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The Marksman

  • It was originally named the TacSport, but when the new trigger came out we felt the name suited it better, so this trigger was renamed The Marksman.
  • Top of the Line Competition Trigger
  • Left or Right Safety
  • With or Without Bolt Stop Release
  • Stages are completely independent of each other
  • Trigger Force up to 6 pounds

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The Sporting Series

The TacSport

The Sporting lineup of triggers are meant for hunting, tactical shooting, and any other type of shooting where a lower pull force is desired.

Can be set as low as 10 ounces (~283 grams) and as high as 4.5 pounds (~2 kg).  Made with Stainless Steel, are completely enclosed to help keep our dirt and grime, and are available for Remington 700 actions.

The TacSport is currently the only model in the Sporting Series.

  • Extra Feature Added:
    • When you get the trigger, in order to use the safety you will simply have to move it slightly out and then push in.  This feature is removable by a pin on the inside.  If you need help with this jut give us a call at +1 701 371 4444.
  • Comes with Removable Bolt Stop Release
  • Available in Single or Two Stage configurations
  • Both Single & Two Stage have the option of having a right or left top safety configuration
  • Bix'n Andy TacSport Trigger Tactical Balltrigger Rem700

    Bix’n Andy TacSport Rem700 Two Stage Trigger – Top Safety (Left or Right)

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  • Bix'n Andy TacSport Trigger Tactical Balltrigger Rem700

    Bix’n Andy TacSport Rem700 Single Stage Trigger – Top Safety (Left or Right)

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  • Bix’n Andy TacSport PRO Rem700 Two Stage Trigger – Top Safety (Left or Right)

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  • Bix’n Andy TacSport PRO Rem700 Single Stage Trigger – Top Safety (Left or Right)

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Important things to remember when using or buying a Bix’n Andy Trigger

  • All Bix’n Andy triggers can be easily opened up to be cleaned out & inspected.
  • Always remember to clean your trigger, if you would like some instruction on this, we have a few videos and blog posts about the subject, or you can give us a call at +1 701 371 4444.
  • Our Bix’n Andy Triggers are backed by a 100% guarantee, if you don’t like it or have any problems we can’t resolve then you will get your money back.
  • We are the US importer for Bix’n Andy Triggers, if you would like to become a dealer please send an e-mail to or give us a call at +1 701 371 4444.
  1. At the SHOT show I ordered 2 sport 2 stage lh triggers. Any update on shipping?

    • Hello Walt,
      The triggers have been shipped, and we expect them arrive this week. Before we ship the triggers to customers we will give each person a call to confirm the order.

      Thank you,
      The Team at Bullet Central

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