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Defiance, Rebel, SS, Polished, Standard length, RB, Spiral Fluting, 308, Standard knob, Magazine Load, Right Eject STD, Picatinny Bolt On 20 MOA, Integral Lug

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Elevate your shooting experience with the Defiance Rebel SS Polished rifle chambered in the popular 308 caliber. Crafted with precision and designed for exceptional performance, this rifle embodies a perfect blend of style, functionality, and accuracy. The polished stainless steel finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides durability and resistance against the elements. With a standard length and RB spiral fluting, the Defiance Rebel SS Polished rifle strikes a harmonious balance between weight reduction and barrel cooling. This design not only enhances the rifle's aesthetics but also contributes to consistent accuracy shot after shot. The spiral fluting aids in heat dissipation, allowing for prolonged shooting sessions without compromising precision. Featuring a standard knob, the rifle offers intuitive handling, ensuring quick and smooth operation for both novice and experienced shooters. The magazine load capability streamlines your shooting experience, allowing for efficient reloading and minimizing downtime during shooting sessions. Whether you're on the range or in the field, this feature proves invaluable for maintaining a steady shooting rhythm. The right eject configuration ensures spent casings are ejected away from the shooter, enhancing comfort and safety during shooting. Additionally, the Picatinny Bolt On 20 MOA rail provides versatility in mounting optics and accessories. Whether you prefer a high-power scope, red dot sight, or other sighting systems, this rifle accommodates your needs with ease. At the heart of the Defiance Rebel SS Polished rifle lies its integral lug, which forms a solid and reliable foundation for consistent accuracy. The integral lug minimizes movement between the action and stock, resulting in enhanced shot-to-shot consistency. This feature, combined with the RB spiral fluting, contributes to improved accuracy and overall shooting performance. The 308 caliber is renowned for its versatility and effectiveness across various shooting scenarios. Whether you're engaging targets at long range or pursuing game in the field, the 308 caliber offers excellent stopping power while maintaining manageable recoil. In summary, the Defiance Rebel SS Polished rifle in 308 caliber is a true embodiment of craftsmanship and functionality. Its polished stainless steel finish, RB spiral fluting, integral lug, and Picatinny Bolt On 20 MOA rail make it an exceptional choice for precision shooting and hunting endeavors. With its magazine load capability, right eject configuration, and standard knob, this rifle offers intuitive operation and reliable performance. Experience the satisfaction of owning a top-tier rifle that not only performs flawlessly but also stands out with its polished stainless steel aesthetics. The Defiance Rebel SS Polished rifle is ready to deliver the accuracy and consistency you need to excel on the range or in the field. Step up your shooting game with a rifle that's built to exceed your expectations and elevate your shooting experience to new heights.
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Additional Information

Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Knob Style:
Bolt Orientation:
Ejection Port:
Extractor Type:
Load Port:
Stainless Steel
Minute of Angle:
20 MOA
Model / Type:
Picatinny Rail:
Bolt On
Recoil Lug:
Round 1.35"
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