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FX Airguns

FX Airguns - DRS .25 EXP Classic Synthetic - 500 (FXDRS63032120)

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  • FX Airguns DRS .25 EXP Classic Synthetic - 500, model FXDRS63032120, featuring a modern air rifle with a streamlined synthetic stock and a precision long barrel, designed for high durability and superior performance in rugged environments, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and tactical shooters.
  • FX Airguns DRS .25 EXP Classic Synthetic - 500, model FXDRS63032120, showcasing an air rifle with a robust synthetic stock and a precision-engineered barrel, designed for top-tier performance in harsh conditions. Ideal for both tactical applications and outdoor shooting, offering durability and consistency.
  • Detailed promotional poster for FX Airguns DRS .25 EXP Classic Synthetic - 500, model FXDRS63032120, featuring descriptions of the air rifle's synthetic stock, precision barrel, and smooth sidelever. The poster highlights the durability and adaptability of the rifle for tactical and outdoor uses, making it ideal for enthusiasts who demand high performance in various conditions.
  • Illustrative diagram of FX Airguns DRS .25 EXP Classic Synthetic - 500, model FXDRS63032120, highlighting features such as the synthetic stock, smooth sidelever, adjustable trigger, and optional Picatinny rail. This detailed poster emphasizes the air rifle's adaptability and high performance, ideal for both tactical and recreational shooters seeking durability and precision.


FX Airguns - DRS .25 EXP Classic Synthetic - 500: Streamlined Performance for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Introduction: Durability Meets Precision

The FX DRS Classic Synthetic Airgun in the .25 EXP configuration with a 500mm barrel combines robust design with advanced technology, perfect for the modern adventurer seeking a reliable and high-performance airgun. Featuring a sleek, black synthetic soft-touch stock, this airgun is tailored to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor use while providing the precision required by both competitive shooters and hunters.

Advanced Construction: Synthetic Soft-Touch Stock

Cutting-Edge Aesthetics and Enhanced Functionality

The standout feature of the FX DRS Classic Synthetic is its durable synthetic stock, designed for both aesthetics and practicality. The soft-touch finish not only adds a modern edge but also ensures a secure, non-slip grip, enhancing stability and confidence with every shot.

Innovative Air Tank Design for Stability

This model features an over-the-barrel air tank that enhances traditional rifle aesthetics while improving barrel stability. This design choice eliminates the need for a conventional carbon fiber bottle, streamlining the profile and optimizing balance and ergonomics.

Performance and Ergonomics: Designed for Excellence

  • Modular Plenum Design: The airgun includes a modular plenum cleverly disguised as a traditional magazine, which integrates seamlessly with the overall design while maintaining top performance.
  • Ergonomic Feel: Thoughtful design adjustments ensure a balanced and comfortable shooting experience, pushing the boundaries of airgun ergonomics.

Key Features for Versatile Use

The FX DRS Classic Synthetic is not just about rugged looks; it's packed with features essential for serious outdoor activities:

  • Smooth Side Lever Action: Provides effortless and reliable operation, enhancing the shooter's experience in dynamic environments.
  • High-Capacity Magazine: Designed for larger projectiles, making it ideal for a variety of shooting disciplines.
  • Customizable Trigger System: Offers the flexibility to tailor the trigger settings to individual preferences, maximizing both comfort and precision.

Specifications Overview

  • Caliber Options: .177, .22, .25
  • Weight: 4.9lbs for the 500mm barrel
  • Overall Length: 927mm
  • Barrel Length: 500mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 12 rounds for .25 caliber
  • Air Capacity: 208 CC for the 500mm barrel
  • Cocking System: Smooth side lever
  • Fill Pressure: 230 BAR (3335 PSI)

Conclusion: A Model of Swedish Minimalism

Described by Matt Dubber as a prime example of 'Swedish Minimalism,' the FX DRS Classic Synthetic - 500 in .25 caliber embodies the essence of what modern shooters need—efficiency without excess. This airgun combines a sophisticated synthetic material with the latest design techniques, offering a powerful and precise tool that is ready to perform in any conditions. Whether used for competitive shooting or hunting, the FX DRS Classic Synthetic is a dependable and stylish choice for today's outdoor enthusiasts.

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.22 Cal
500mm Barrel
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