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FX Airguns - Impact M3, Bronze - .35 Cal, .35 (FXI363121-DFL)

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Experience the Ultimate Fusion of Precision and Power with the FX Airguns Impact M3 Bronze in .35 Caliber (FXI363121-DFL) Ð Elevate Your Shooting Game to New Heights! Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of exceptional shooting excellence with the FX Airguns Impact M3 Bronze in .35 Caliber, a true testament to advanced technology, unmatched precision, and raw power. This airgun combines cutting-edge features, remarkable accuracy, and outstanding performance to redefine your marksmanship and shooting capabilities. Get ready to experience the perfect blend of precision and power with an airgun that sets new standards in the world of airgun shooting. Key Features: * Powerful .35 Caliber: The .35 caliber pellet delivers exceptional impact and energy, making it ideal for hunting, pest control, and target shooting. Experience the force of this caliber and witness its unparalleled stopping power. * Bronze Finish Elegance: The FX Airguns Impact M3 Bronze features a stunning bronze finish that not only adds to its visual appeal but also ensures durability against the elements. This airgun is designed to withstand rigorous shooting sessions and outdoor conditions while making a bold statement. * Smooth Twist X Barrel Technology: Experience superior accuracy with FX Airguns' signature Smooth Twist X barrel technology. Each pellet receives optimal spin and stability, resulting in tight groupings and consistent shot performance. * Externally Adjustable AMP Regulator: Fine-tune your air pressure for optimal shot consistency with the externally adjustable AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator. Achieve the perfect balance between power and accuracy for precise shots every time. * Ergonomic Stock Design: The ergonomic stock design offers superior comfort and stability during extended shooting sessions. Maintain a natural shooting stance, reduce fatigue, and achieve precise shots with ease. * Versatile Picatinny Rail System: Equipped with a Picatinny rail, the Impact M3 Bronze accommodates a wide range of optics and accessories. Customize your sight setup for optimal accuracy and target acquisition. * Integrated Sound Moderator: The integrated sound moderator reduces noise levels, making the Impact M3 Bronze suitable for various shooting environments. Enjoy a quieter shooting experience without compromising performance. * Unmatched Shooting Performance: With its precision, power, and advanced features, the FX Airguns Impact M3 Bronze in .35 Caliber (FXI363121-DFL) offers an unmatched shooting experience. Whether you're an experienced marksman or a dedicated shooting enthusiast, this airgun is designed to exceed your expectations. Elevate your marksmanship and shooting prowess with the FX Airguns Impact M3 Bronze featuring a .35 Caliber (FXI363121-DFL). Embrace precision, power, and innovation in an airgun that sets new standards for accuracy and performance. Transform your shooting game today with the Impact M3 Bronze Ð where every shot counts and precision reigns supreme.
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Additional Information

.35 Cal
800mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Impact M3
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