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FX Airguns - Panthera 700, .30 Cal (FXP763622)

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Discover Unmatched Precision and Power with the FX Airguns Panthera 700 in .30 Caliber - Elevate Your Shooting Performance to New Heights! Introducing the FX Airguns Panthera 700 in .30 Caliber (FXP763622), a powerhouse designed to redefine your shooting experience with exceptional accuracy and hard-hitting power. With advanced features and innovative technology, the Panthera 700 sets a new standard for performance and marksmanship. Key Features: * .30 Caliber Dominance: The .30 caliber pellet is synonymous with superior knockdown power, making it an excellent choice for hunting and long-range shooting. The Panthera 700 in .30 Caliber delivers unrivaled impact and penetration. * Precision-Crafted Design: Every aspect of the Panthera 700 is meticulously engineered to enhance accuracy and performance. From the barrel to the stock, each component is optimized for consistent and reliable results. * Smooth Twist X Barrel: Equipped with the Smooth Twist X barrel technology, the Panthera 700 ensures ideal pellet stabilization, resulting in tighter groupings and exceptional shot-to-shot consistency. * Ergonomic Synthetic Stock: The synthetic stock of the Panthera 700 combines durability and comfort. Its ergonomic design promotes a comfortable shooting posture, reducing fatigue during extended shooting sessions. * Externally Adjustable Regulator: Fine-tune your air pressure with the externally adjustable regulator, enabling you to customize shot velocities for optimum accuracy and performance tailored to your shooting style. * Adjustable Cheek Piece and Buttstock: The Panthera 700 features an adjustable cheek piece and buttstock, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit and shooting position for maximum comfort and accuracy. * Integrated Sound Moderator: The integrated sound moderator minimizes shot noise, providing a quieter shooting experience that's considerate of both your surroundings and other shooters. * Precision Trigger: The two-stage adjustable trigger enhances your shot control, contributing to accuracy and ensuring a crisp and predictable release. * Versatile Picatinny Rail System: The airgun includes a Picatinny rail for easy mounting of optics and accessories, enabling you to customize your setup and optimize your shooting performance. * User-Friendly Magazine System: The sidelever action facilitates smooth and efficient reloading using the removable rotary magazine, ensuring swift follow-up shots. Elevate your shooting performance with the FX Airguns Panthera 700 in .30 Caliber (FXP763622). Whether you're a seasoned marksman or an avid enthusiast, this airgun offers unparalleled accuracy, power, and reliability. The Panthera 700 is a testament to precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, setting a new benchmark for shooting excellence. Experience the ultimate combination of accuracy and power with the Panthera 700 - where each shot embodies the pursuit of perfection in shooting mastery.
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.30 Cal
700mm Barrel
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