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FX Airguns - Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle, Synthetic, .30 Cal (FXW353103)

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Experience Unparalleled Power and Precision with the FX Airguns Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle Synthetic in .30 Caliber - Redefine Your Shooting Potential! Prepare to be amazed by the FX Airguns Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle Synthetic in .30 Caliber (FXW353103). This airgun is the embodiment of power and precision, offering exceptional performance in a compact and maneuverable package. From its innovative features to its ergonomic design, the Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle Synthetic guarantees an extraordinary shooting experience. Key Features: * .30 Caliber Dominance: The .30 caliber pellet is renowned for its substantial impact and stopping power. Perfect for hunting and pest control, each shot delivers exceptional knockdown force and ensures effective results. * Compact and Agile: The Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle Synthetic is designed for shooters who demand power and mobility. Its compact design ensures easy handling and quick target acquisition, even in challenging shooting scenarios. * Synthetic Stock: The synthetic stock combines durability with comfort. It not only provides a sleek appearance but also offers resistance to various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor shooting adventures. * Smooth Twist X Barrel: Equipped with Smooth Twist X barrel technology, the Wildcat MKIII ensures unparalleled accuracy. This advanced rifling system imparts optimal spin to each pellet, resulting in tight groupings and consistent shot-to-shot performance. * Externally Adjustable Regulator: Fine-tune your air pressure with the externally adjustable regulator, allowing you to customize shot velocities for precise accuracy and consistent performance. * Ergonomic Design: The Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle Synthetic features an ergonomic stock design for enhanced comfort and stability during extended shooting sessions. Maintain a natural shooting stance and minimize fatigue. * Integrated Sound Moderator: The integrated sound moderator significantly reduces shot noise, ensuring a quieter shooting experience. This feature is crucial for maintaining discretion and minimizing disturbances. * Adjustable Match Precision (AMP) Regulator: The AMP regulator provides precise control over air pressure, enabling you to fine-tune the airgun's performance based on your shooting preferences. * Versatile Picatinny Rail System: Equipped with a Picatinny rail, the Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle Synthetic allows you to mount optics and accessories for enhanced accuracy and customization. * Compact Bottle Design: The compact air cylinder design enhances maneuverability while providing an ample shot count, allowing you to enjoy more shooting without frequent refills. Experience shooting excellence with the FX Airguns Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle Synthetic in .30 Caliber (FXW353103). Whether you're an avid hunter or a dedicated shooter, this airgun delivers unmatched power, precision, and reliability. Redefine your marksmanship with the Wildcat MKIII Compact Bottle Synthetic - where each shot delivers unprecedented impact and accuracy.
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Additional Information

.30 Cal
500mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Wildcat Compact
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