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Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right

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Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right | Precision Shooting Enhancement

Elevate Precision with Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right

Enhance your marksmanship with the Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right, engineered for the demanding needs of competitive shooters, precision marksmen, and hunters.

Key Features for Optimal Performance

The HVR Trigger is celebrated for its superior quality and precision enhancements, featuring:

  • Ultra-Responsive Break: Experience a crisp, clean trigger pull with minimal overtravel, essential for consistent shot placement and accuracy.
  • Top Safety Configuration: Quick, intuitive right-side safety access maintains focus on your target while ensuring safety.
  • Micro-Adjustable Pull Weight: Customize your shooting experience with easily adjustable pull weight for a comfortable, consistent trigger feel.
  • Smooth and Predictable Trigger Action: Minimized trigger creep leads to a smooth, predictable break for precise shooting.
  • Precision Craftsmanship: Meticulously machined and hand-assembled components assure reliable, consistent performance.

Enhanced Accuracy and Shooting Experience

The Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger is a game-changer, significantly improving shot accuracy and group tightness.

Effortless Installation

Installing the HVR Trigger is straightforward, with clear instructions for a hassle-free setup on your Remington 700 rifle.

Why Choose Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right?

The HVR Trigger stands out in the market for precision shooting, combining responsiveness, safety, and adjustability for peak shooting performance.

For more information on the Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger and other precision shooting equipment, visit our website. Choose Jewell for your trigger needs and step up your shooting game.

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Additional Information

Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
Safety Position:
Top Right Safety
Single Stage
Receiver Type:
Remington 700
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