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Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right

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Unleash Precision Shooting with Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right Elevate your shooting performance to unparalleled heights with the Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of precision marksmen, competitive shooters, and hunters, this trigger is a pinnacle of engineering excellence. The HVR Trigger offers a combination of responsiveness, adjustability, and safety features that empower you to achieve optimal results in every shot. Key Features: Ultra-Responsive Break: The Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger is renowned for its ultra-responsive trigger break, delivering a crisp, clean pull that minimizes overtravel. This feature contributes to the trigger's reputation for precision shooting accuracy, ensuring consistent shot placement. Top Safety Configuration: The HVR Trigger is equipped with a top safety configuration for enhanced safety and convenience. The right-side safety placement ensures quick and intuitive access to the safety mechanism, allowing you to maintain focus on your target. Micro-Adjustable Pull Weight: Achieve a personalized shooting experience by adjusting the trigger pull weight to match your preferences. The micro-adjustability of the HVR Trigger empowers you to fine-tune your setup for a consistent and comfortable trigger pull. Smooth and Predictable Break: The HVR Trigger's design minimizes trigger creep, resulting in a smooth and predictable trigger break. This attribute is crucial for maintaining accurate aim and executing precise shots. Precision Craftsmanship: Crafted with utmost precision, the Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger reflects the brand's commitment to quality. Every component is meticulously machined and hand-assembled to deliver reliable and consistent performance. Enhanced Accuracy: The combination of the HVR Trigger's attributes contributes to enhanced shooting accuracy. A reliable trigger pull, minimal overtravel, and a clean break translate to tighter shot groups and improved overall performance. Quick Installation: Installing the HVR Trigger onto your Remington 700 rifle is straightforward and user-friendly. Detailed instructions are provided to ensure a seamless installation process. Why Choose Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right: The Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger is a testament to the brand's dedication to precision shooting. Its responsiveness, safety features, and micro-adjustability make it a go-to choice for shooters who prioritize accuracy and performance. Elevate Your Shooting Precision: Invest in the Jewell Remington 700 HVR Trigger - Top Safety Right and experience a new level of shooting precision. Enjoy the benefits of a crisp and clean trigger break, personalized pull weight adjustments, and enhanced safety features. Elevate your accuracy and shooting consistency by ordering the HVR Trigger now and take your marksmanship to the next level.
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Additional Information

Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
Safety Position:
Top Right Safety
Single Stage
Receiver Type:
Remington 700
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