Jewell Trigger Remington 700 Bottom Safety

The Jewell Trigger: Why is this Trigger so Popular?

Jewell Trigger Remington 700 Bottom Safety

The Jewell Trigger: Why is this trigger so popular?

Building and customizing your rifle gives you a sense of freedom in knowing that your gun will be exactly what you dream it to be.  There are many parts to customize on your rifle build, but one of the most important parts of the gun is the one that fires the gun, the part that without you would not be able to control your rifle, and the part that has such an affect on accuracy that you should be able to adjust as needed.  I am of course talking about the trigger, and I’m sure you’re wondering what trigger you should be using. There are several options out there, but what is the best choice for you?  We have two different brands of triggers, The Bix’n Andy triggers, and the Jewell Triggers.  If you would like to know more about the exceptionally performing, high-quality Bix’n Andy triggers, click here, but we would like to explain a little bit about the Jewell Trigger. Jewell Triggers are very popular triggers used by competition shooters, including Precision Rifle Series shooters, but does it hold up to it’s name?  What makes the Jewell Trigger so popular?

Jewell Trigger Features:

  • All internal components are CNC machined from stainless steel
  • The modular design of the Jewell Trigger allows you to completely disassemble to maintain and clean the trigger when needed.
  • Forward mounted spacer with a pin in the firing pin stop that operates in a hole on the left side plate allowing the trigger to remain as a single assembly when not installed.
  • Light load at the sear that gives it a short, crisp, creep-free, repeatable operation.
  • This trigger can be installed in almost all actions that utilize the Remington 700 trigger.
  • Comes with a bottom mounted lever on the left or right side.
  • Optional bolt release lever on the left or right side.


Jewell Triggers come in two different models, the Benchrest(BR), and the Hunting/Varmint Rifle (HVR), and each has their own specialties and features:

Jewell Benchrest (BR) Trigger

  • Adjustment Range:
    • 1.5oz to 3.0 oz *settings below these is not recommended
Jewell Triggers BR Benchrest
Left side is cocked the Right side is fired

For explanation of these diagrams, check out the Jewell Trigger Manual here.

  • Jewell Trigger 700 No Safety

    Jewell Trigger Remington 700 BR – No Safety – No Bolt Release

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Jewell Hunting/Varmint Rifle (HVR) Trigger

  • Adjustment Range:
    • Determined by one of three springs.  The trigger comes with Spring A installed and B and C in a separate envelope.  These are adjusted with a hex wrench that also comes with the trigger
    • Spring A: 8.0 oz to 48.0 oz
    • Spring B: 2.0 oz to 16.0 oz
    • Spring C: 1.5 oz to 3.0 oz
    • *settings below these settings are not recommended
  • Safety Optional
Left side is cocked the Right side is fired

For explanation of these diagrams, check out the Jewell Trigger Manual here.

  • Jewell Trigger 700 No Safety

    Jewell Rem700 Varmint Trigger (HVR) – No Safety

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  • Jewell Trigger Remington 700 trigger

    Jewell Rem700 Varmint Trigger (HVR) – Top Safety (Left or Right) (NO BOLT RELEASE)

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  • Jewell Rem700 Varmint Trigger (HVR) with Bolt Release- Top Safety (Left or Right)

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Jewell Trigger Adjustments:

The main reason so many shooters use Jewell triggers and why it’s so popular is because of it’s ability for shooters to easily adjust the trigger.  There is not need to remove the action from the stock or chassis, the trigger can be adjusted externally with screws that are fitted into a nylon insert.  This maintains the trigger settings without the use of the thread locking compounds.

For a more descriptive explanation of adjusting and installing a Jewell trigger check out this post at

Sear Engagement:

In = Less Engagment
Out = More Engagement

Set Overtravel:

In = More Travel
Out = Less Travel

Set Pull Weight:

In = More Force
Out = Less Force

The Safety

The Jewell trigger HVR comes with an optional safety.  Current configurations available at Bullet Central are:

The Bolt Release

The Jewell trigger HVR comes with an optional Bolt Release.  This release is similar to the lever of a standard Remington 700 but is made of Aircraft grade steel.  It operates on the through pins in the elongated slots and returns with the spring/lever.

So why are they so popular?

A few reasons:

  • Weight adjustment isn’t so easy unless you have an after market trigger.  After market triggers, such as the Jewell are designed to be adjusted.  Factory triggers, even though they can be adjusted, it is not recommended.
  • Jewell Triggers have a wider range of pull weight
  • Jewell triggers are reasonably priced in terms of a custom gun make

When shipping a Jewell Trigger is has been adjusted for most applications but your own personal preference might require some other adjustments.  Always ensure the rifle is unloaded when adjusting your trigger.

Bullet Central offers many configurations of Jewell Triggers, if you are not finding what you want or have any questions please call us at 701-371-4444.  We pride ourselves in having the lowest prices available for Jewell Triggers in the world, and we will ship these triggers internationally.

Enjoy the Jewell Trigger?
Check out the Bix’n Andy Trigger; patented ball bearing design, lowest reset force on the market, easily adjustable with several configurations to meet your needs.

  • Bix’n Andy Rem700 Benchrest Two Stage Trigger with free trigger shoe – No Safety

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  • Bix’n Andy Rem700 Benchrest Trigger – No Safety

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  1. Any trigger available for Remington Model 760?
    What’s the price?
    Can it be installed by owner or must it be taken to a gunsmith?

    • Hi Ray,
      In order to answer your question, can you please call +1 701 371 4444 and ask for Luke, he is our technician and can help you out.
      Thank you,
      Bullet Central

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