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JSB - Slugs, .216 Cal, KnockOut MKII, 25.39 gr, 200 count

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Experience Unparalleled Accuracy and Power with JSB .216 Caliber Slugs - KnockOut MKII, 25.39 gr, 200 count Introducing the JSB .216 Caliber Slugs - KnockOut MKII, 25.39 gr, 200 count Ð a revolutionary advancement in airgun ammunition designed to redefine your shooting performance. Meticulously engineered and crafted with precision, these slugs deliver exceptional accuracy, penetration, and impact, setting new standards for airgun enthusiasts. With a caliber of .216 and a weight of 25.39 grains, JSB Slugs - KnockOut MKII offer unparalleled precision and stopping power, making them the ultimate choice for long-range precision shooting and hunting. Precision Engineering for Unmatched Accuracy JSB is renowned for its commitment to precision, and the .216 Caliber Slugs - KnockOut MKII are a testament to their dedication. Each slug is carefully manufactured with consistent dimensions, weight, and quality control checks, ensuring remarkable accuracy and reliability. This precision engineering empowers you to hit your target with exceptional accuracy, even at extended distances. Advanced Design for Maximum Impact The advanced design of the KnockOut MKII slugs is optimized for both accuracy and impact. The hollow point design ensures controlled expansion upon impact, delivering a devastating blow to your target. Whether you're aiming for precision shots on the range or ethical hunting in the field, these slugs offer the versatility and impact needed for success. Optimal Weight for Versatility Weighing 25.39 grains, these slugs strike the perfect balance between stability and velocity. This weight is carefully chosen to ensure maximum energy retention upon impact, allowing the slug to penetrate effectively and deliver substantial kinetic energy to the target. The KnockOut MKII slugs' unique design promotes controlled expansion, contributing to their remarkable stopping power. Consistent Performance for Confidence in Every Shot JSB's dedication to consistent performance is a hallmark of their brand, and the KnockOut MKII Slugs are no exception. Each slug undergoes rigorous quality control processes to ensure uniformity and reliability. This commitment to quality results in slugs that consistently deliver accurate trajectories and predictable flight paths, allowing you to focus on your shooting without any performance concerns. Aerodynamic Design for Precise Flight The aerodynamic design of JSB KnockOut MKII Slugs enhances their flight stability and accuracy. With a high ballistic coefficient, these slugs maintain their velocity and energy even at extended distances, making them an ideal choice for long-range precision shooting. Experience the satisfaction of hitting distant targets with exceptional accuracy and consistency. Quantity for Extended Shooting Sessions With 200 slugs in each container, JSB .216 Caliber Slugs - KnockOut MKII provide you with an ample supply for extended shooting sessions. This quantity ensures that you can spend more time refining your skills, experimenting with various shooting scenarios, and honing your marksmanship without any interruptions. A Trusted Name in Airgun Ammunition JSB's reputation for excellence in the airgun industry is unmatched. With a legacy of delivering top-tier products, JSB .216 Caliber Slugs - KnockOut MKII are a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and shooting performance. Elevate Your Shooting Experience Whether you're a dedicated hunter or a precision shooter, JSB .216 Caliber Slugs - KnockOut MKII offer the opportunity to elevate your accuracy and impact. With their precision engineering, optimal weight, and consistent results, these slugs empower you to exceed your shooting goals and excel in various shooting disciplines. In conclusion, JSB .216 Caliber Slugs - KnockOut MKII are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional accuracy, penetration, and stopping power. With their precision engineering, advanced design, and quality craftsmanship, these slugs offer the performance needed to excel in long-range precision shooting and hunting scenarios. Elevate your airgun experience with JSB Slugs - KnockOut MKII and experience the difference for yourself.
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Pellet Type:
.216 Cal
Model / Type:
KnockOut MKII
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