At Bullet Central, we seek out the best products for sport shooting in the world, made by manufacturers who are leaders in the industry. Many of our products are from small companies, run by people who have years of experience and a passion for firearms.

Bix'n Andy

Bix’n Andy is a company based in Austria that crafts the best triggers in the industry. Gunsmith Andy Atzl uses a unique ball bearing mechanism that allows for incredibly precise trigger pull weight adjustments. Andy’s work is consistently top quality and we are lucky to be the exclusive North American importer and distributor for his products.

Bat Machine

Bat Machine Company is known around the world for their legendary accuracy and smoothness. Their actions are highly accurate, tough and reliable. Simply put, they are a great addition to any benchrest competitor’s gear. Bat Machine company is located in Rathdrum, Idaho.
Bullet Central is the largest stocker of BAT actions in the world.

Krieger Barrels Inc

Krieger Barrels Manufactures precision single-point cut-rifled barrels in calibers ranging from .20 through 4 Bore for the best target shooters and custom rifle builders in the world.

Bart's Custom Bullets

Bart’s Bullets are the choice of top competitors in benchrest shooting. His bullets have been used to win many national championships including Super Shoots, World Championships, Long-Range Nationals, and IBS Nationals. Bart and his team, based in Leitchfield, Kentucky, take the time to make bullets properly using high quality materials. Their strict quality control and constant testing means that these are the straightest, most consistent bullets you will find on the market today.

Berger Bullets logo

Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets is one of the most famous bullet makers in the world. Berger makes bullets for hunting, target shooting, tactical and varmint shooting. Walt Berger started the company as a one-man operation in the 1950s. He built the business to a multi-million dollar corporation by consistently providing a superior product and great customer service. Today they offer a full range of bullets to suit your every need in shooting. Often one can doubt the accuracy ability of the large bullet manufacturers but with Berger each bullet is designed and made considering that their customers are the most discerning shooters in the world. Walt is a Hall of Fame shooter and he knows what type of bullet it takes to perform at the highest level.

Bullet Central is proud to be a platinum reseller for Berger Bullets stocking your needs. If we do not stock your favorite bullet, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Defiance Actions

Defiance Machine offers a variety of versatile and customizable actions. Defiance actions are renowned for their tight tolerances and outstanding accuracy. Defiance actions have won numerous Benchrest, Palma, Silhouette, 1000-yard Benchrest, and Tactical matches throughout the world.  If you would like to order a custom Defiance Action, or learn more about them, click here for our through Defiance Actions Guide.

Bartlein Barrels logo

Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein is a one of a kind barrel maker that is owned and operated by shooters who have been making barrels for many years.  Using state of the art rifling machines, Bartleinholds uniform twist rates to the 4th decimal.  Bartlein Barrels have been main components in many nationally known benchrest shooter’s guns.

IOSSO Products

IOSSO’s bore cleaners and brushes are the best way to clean your gun and maintain consistent accuracy. Based in Elk Grove, Illinois, IOSSO manufactures effective cleaning solutions for many applications including marine and aircraft use.

Hawkey Borescopes Gradient Lens

Gradient Lens Corporation

Gradient Lens, the creators of the endoGRINS gradient-index lens used in their Hawkeye Borescopes, are determined to produce high quality optics, provide exceptional value and quick turnaround on repairs.

The Hawkeye Borescopes are a fantastic product for looking down your barrel, whether you’re a shooter or a gunsmith.  The Hawkeye Borescope can help you solve many barrel related issues.

Jewell Triggers

Jewell Triggers have been the norm for competitive shooters for a long time.  Bullet Central offers some of the lowest prices available for Jewell Triggers in the world. If you are not finding what you want or have any questions please call us at 701-371-4444. We will ship Jewell triggers internationally.