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Random Shots

Here we will be offering items that we won’t necessarily be carrying all the time. We may buy samples of items that for some reason we decide not to hold inventory of, we may buy some items from shooters or an estate that we want to offer to the market and a host of other reasons why we would have products for sale but not on an ongoing basis. In some sense you can think of it as a “bargain bin”. Pricing will range depending on the nature of the item. At times you may pick up a bargain and some other items will be posted at higher prices as they are rare and very hard to find items. We will likely not re-stock them once they are sold.

The name “Random Shots”  has some significance for me. A very good friend, Ian Lehr, who is now passed, pestered me for years to get into target pistol shooting. When I finally did take it up I managed to do pretty well and this got me even more involved in accuracy in general. He also taught me fly fishing and was an avid hunter. Every month he wrote a column in the leading outdoor magazine in South Africa which was called “Random Shots”.

Good Shooting,
Chris Harris

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  • Scarborough Stock Rifle BAT Action Neuvo

    Benchrest Rifle with Scarbrough Stock and Neuvo Action

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  • Rail-Gun-Barrel-Tuner82_edit

    Rail Gun Barrel Tuner

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  • RandomShots-RifleBarrelTuner

    Rifle Barrel Tuner

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  • Sinclair

    Sinclair Stainless Steel Priming Tool

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  • JDS 6mm 68 gr Boat tail bullets

    JDS Bullets – 6 mm, 68 gr, Boattail, 6/8 ogive (Qty 500) – Random Shots

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  • Hottenstein Benchrest Bullets

    COUNT OF 433 – Hottenstein – 6mm 66gr Flat Base Benchrest Bullets (Rorschach) – Random Shots

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  • Hottenstein Benchrest Bullets

    Hottenstein – 6mm 65gr Flat base Benchrest Bullets (Rorschach) (count of 467)

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