Jewell Rem700 BR Trigger

Jewell Trigger 700 No Safety

Jewell Rem700 BR Trigger


Jewell Remington 700 BR Trigger

  • Fits Remington 700/40x rifles
  • Compatible with both Right-hand and left-hand actions
  • Pull weight is adjustable to as little as 1.5 oz
  • Modular design allows total disassembly for maintenance and cleaning
  • The light load at the sear enables short, crisp, creep-free, and reputable operation

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Product Description

This Jewell trigger is a self-contained replacement to the stock Remington 700 model and provides an outstanding performance for your favorite accuracy sports, including Benchrest, varmint hunting and more. All Jewel Triggers internal components are CNC machined from 440 stainless steel then heat-treated to Rockwell 58 hardness for stronger durability. The side plates of this trigger are constructed from 330 stainless steel. As with any Jewell trigger it has adjustment screws fitted with a nylon insert to help maintain the triggers settings without using any thread locking compounds. All Jewell triggers are made in the USA and come with installation instructions.

The Jewell Remington 700 BR Trigger is externally adjustable, meaning that you do not need to remove the action from the stock to adjust your pull weight, let-off, or overtravel.

The unique geometry was designed to allow minimum load at the sear engagement point and to provide maximum adjustability in pull force and to provide sear engagement, and overtravel without removing the action from the stock or the trigger from the action.
Jewell Trigger Manual

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*** All installations of this trigger must be carried out by a competent gunsmith and with weapon unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Failure to adhere to this warning can result in serious injury and/or death ***




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