Watson Loading Blocks

Watson Loading Blocks


Material, Rounds :
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  • 6 ppc loading block
  • Hand-made by Watson
  • Several variations for exotic woods or polymer
  • Holds 28 rounds

Chris Harris explains the Richard Watson Loading blocks and why he prefers 28 rounds in a loading block:


These Watson loading blocks hold 15, 20, 28, 30,  35, or 50  rounds for a day on the range. Originally created by Richard Watson, Bullet Central has several choices for materials including blocks made of high-quality polymer and exotic woods. These loading blocks are durable, practical and look great.
These makes it easier for you while at your bench and tuning to find the right seating depth.  They’re made for low, medium and high loads, with a row for your bad cases or ammo you wouldn’t want to use for tuning.

This format for a loading block keeps your rounds organized, and looks great next to you on the bench.  For more information see our video on this product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHLsAbOVymI or give us call at 1.701.371.4444.  We would love to hear about how you’re these at your matches or any of our other products.

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Material, Rounds

Polymer, 15 rounds, Polymer, 28 rounds, Polymer, 35 rounds, Polymer, 50 rounds, Dark Wood, 20 rounds, Rosewood, 30 rounds, Coco Bolo, 35 rounds, Coco Bolo, 28 rounds, Ambrosia Maple, 28 rounds, Honduras Rosewood, 28 rounds


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