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Bix'n Andy Inside Competition Trigger Balltrigger Mechanism

The Bix’n Andy Trigger – Bullet Central Lineup

In January Bullet Central went down to Las Vegas, NV for SHOT Show 2017, for four days we talked to ...
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TR BAT Action for Tactical Rifles

New BAT Machine TR Action

On Tuesday morning, we reveal for the first time, the new BAT TR action at SHOT Show 2017.  The TR ...
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New TacSport may be the most exciting product for Shot Show 2017

New TacSport may be the most exciting product for Shot Show 2017 Bullet Central and Bix’n Andy will launch the ...
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The Jewell Trigger: Why is this Trigger so Popular?

The Jewell Trigger: Why is this Trigger so Popular? Building and customizing your rifle gives you a sense of freedom in ...
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Berger Bullets Hybrid Target 30 cal 215 grain PN: 30429

How to Use Berger Bullets to Actually Improve Accuracy

How to Use Berger Bullets to Actually Improve Accuracy Recently we began selling Berger Bullets because we truly believe they ...
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The Neuvo Action

Bix’n Andy Trigger Line Up – Including the New TacSport

Bullet Central Stocking Stuffers

Hawkeye Borescopes

Detailed Cleaning of Bix’n Andy Trigger

In the past we’ve shown you how to do a basic cleaning of your Bix’n Andy trigger, but in this video we show you how to do a thorough cleaning to make sure your trigger doesn’t malfunction like some triggers we’ve gotten back that had some dirt built up from solvents or misuse of the bore guide… more

Choosing a Model from BAT Machine

BAT actions are easily one of the best actions on the market, and all of their products are top quality. There is no such thing as entry level products when you order a BAT action, they make all of their products the best they can get. In this video the director at Bullet Central, Dave Gaboury talks about the different types of actions available from BAT Machine to help you decide which BAT action is best for you……read more

Features of BAT Actions

Make sure you know exactly what you want before you buy one of our BAT actions. Bullet Central has put together a helpful guide below for you to learn about the different types of BAT actions and feature options…read more

The Bix’n Andy Two Stage Trigger

We originally got some requests for a two stage trigger from the olympic 3-position shooting team.  So we got a hold of the guys from Bix’n Andy in Austria and came up with a design for a new two-stage trigger.  This trigger is unique because it’s the only two stage trigger where the triggers are completely independent of each other…read more

Single and Double Ram Hood Press

Introducing our Hood ram presses is Chris Harris, who in this video goes over all of our single and double ram Hood presses and how they will work for your reloading press set up…. read more

Properly Cleaning Your Rifle

Cleaning your rifle is very important no matter what you use your rifle for. In this video Chris Harris shows you exactly how to clean a rifle… read more

Watson Loading Block

These unique loading blocks hold 28 rounds.   Bullet Central has several choices for materials including high-quality polymer and exotic woods. These loading blocks are… read more

Trigger Timing

Bullet Central proudly presents an educational video demonstrating how to set trigger timing with a BAT action. Setting trigger timing correctly is important to ensure accuracy and proper ignition…. read more

Bix’n Andy Trigger Cleaning

This video is a brief over view of how to clean your Bix’n Andy trigger, to see a more detailed video & a list of how to throughly clean your Bix’n Andy trigger, read more here.

Adjustable Kelbly Trigger Hangers

This trigger hanger came to us from an idea of Dwight Scott, a well renowned rifle smith from Michigan.  He suggested making a trigger hanger that allows for infinite variable trigger timing for the Panda….. read more here.

The Bix’n Andy Competition Trigger

Introducing the pinnacle in precision shooting triggers! The Bix’n Andy Trigger for Remington 700 uses a unique ball bearing mechanism that allows for trigger pull weight adjustments 1 ounce (30 grams) to 25 ounces (700 grams). purchase one here

Check this page for information & resource guides regarding our many great products. If you are having trouble finding any information, please call us at +1 701-371-4444.

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TECH CENTRAL with Tony Boyer


Tony Boyer is the most successful and celebrated benchrest shooting competitor of all time. He has won 2 World Championships and has won Shooter of the Year 11 times. He authored the Book of Rifle Accuracy to help others learn from his decades of competition experience.

Now, Tony will be joining the Tech Central team to help us provide information to make your sport more rewarding. Submit your questions for Tony and the team and we will update regularly with answers. Keep checking back for the latest tips & tricks!

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