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  • Jewell Trigger Remington 700 trigger

    Jewell Rem700 Varmint Trigger (HVR) – Top Safety (Left or Right) (NO BOLT RELEASE)

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  • Hawkeye Borescope
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    Hawkeye Borescope 17″ Shooting Edition Kit with Angled Eyepiece

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  • Krieger 0.257, 10 twist, #5 Bull Sporter, 27” blank

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  • Berger Bullets 6.5mm 140 grain PN:26504

    Berger Bullets – 6.5 mm, 140 gr, Hunting VLD

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Tech Central

How to Use Berger Bullets to Improve Accuracy

Berger Bullets only uses the highest quality copper and lead, this ensures the elimination of impurities and material issues.

Which NightForce Reticle is Right for you?

The reticle on a scope is a series of fine lines or fibers in the eyepiece, it is used to measure distance and aid in locating objects.  Depending on the reticle, it can be easy or difficult to find your target. The type of reticle you use in a specific situation can mean hitting your target directly on, or missing entirely.

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