Lapua .22 LR, Center-X, 420163, (box of 50)

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Lapua .22 LR Center-X 420163 (Box of 50) - Unmatched Rimfire Precision and Performance When it comes to rimfire ammunition, Lapua is a name synonymous with excellence. The Lapua .22 LR Center-X 420163 offers shooters an unparalleled combination of precision, reliability, and outstanding performance. This box includes 50 meticulously crafted Center-X cartridges that are poised to redefine your rimfire shooting experience. Key Features: * Precision Craftsmanship: Lapua's commitment to precision is evident in every cartridge. The .22 LR Center-X 420163 is manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring uniformity in components, propellant charge, and bullet seating. This meticulous attention to detail translates into consistent performance and tighter shot groups. * Accuracy Redefined: The Center-X cartridges are tailored for precision shooting. Whether you're engaged in competitive shooting or refining your marksmanship skills, these cartridges deliver exceptional accuracy. Consistent ignition, bullet placement, and controlled propulsion contribute to consistent point-of-impact and tighter groupings. * Reliable Performance: The cartridges feature high-quality projectiles designed to offer reliable expansion upon impact. This makes them suitable for both target shooting and varmint control. The bullet's design ensures dependable energy transfer, contributing to quick and humane takedowns. * Optimized Propellant: Lapua leaves no room for compromise, even in propellant selection. The Center-X cartridges are loaded with carefully chosen propellant that ensures uniform velocity and minimal shot-to-shot variation. This results in predictable trajectory and improved shot placement. * Stringent Quality Control: Lapua's reputation for consistency stems from their rigorous quality control procedures. Each cartridge in the box of Center-X 420163 is subjected to meticulous testing, ensuring that it meets Lapua's high standards of performance and ballistics. * Versatile Utility: While favored by competitive shooters, these cartridges are also ideal for small game hunting and varmint control. The accuracy, reliable expansion, and controlled energy transfer make them an excellent choice for ethical and effective hunting. * Box of 50: Each box contains 50 Center-X cartridges, providing you with an ample supply for extended range sessions, matches, or hunting outings. This quantity ensures you're well-equipped to handle various shooting scenarios without worrying about running low on ammunition. Experience the pinnacle of rimfire precision and performance with Lapua .22 LR Center-X 420163 (Box of 50). Whether you're seeking pinpoint accuracy in competition or aiming for precise shot placement in the field, these cartridges deliver the consistency and reliability that have made Lapua a trusted name. Elevate your rimfire shooting to new heights. Order now and experience the Lapua difference firsthand!
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