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Lapua .22 LR, Center-X, 420163, (box of 50)

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  • The image shows a box of Lapua Center-X .22 Long Rifle ammunition, product code 420163, containing 50 rounds. Lapua's Center-X is a renowned line known for its high-quality manufacturing standards and consistency, making it a favorite among competitive shooters for its accuracy and reliability. The packaging is distinctly branded with the Lapua logo and a sleek design, emphasizing its use for precision shooting. This type of ammunition is typically used in various shooting disciplines where performance and precision are critical.
  • The image shows a single round of Lapua Center-X .22 Long Rifle ammunition, marked with the product code 420163, which typically comes in a box of 50. This ammunition is well-regarded for its precision and consistency, commonly used in competitive shooting sports. The cartridge features a classic .22 LR profile with a brass case and a lead round nose bullet, which is preferred for its reliable performance and accuracy.
  • The image displays a single .22 Long Rifle round from Lapua, specifically the Center-X variety with the product code 420163, which is packaged in boxes of 50. This type of ammunition is particularly favored for its high consistency and excellent precision, making it a popular choice for competitive shooting. The cartridge shown features a brass casing and a black lead round nose bullet, designed to deliver superb performance in terms of accuracy and reliability.
  • The image shows a .22 Long Rifle cartridge from Lapua's Center-X line, identified by its product code 420163 and typically sold in boxes of 50. This ammunition is well-regarded for its exceptional accuracy and consistency, making it ideal for competitive shooting. The visual emphasizes the brass casing and the black lead round nose bullet, which is designed to deliver top performance in precision and reliability.
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Lapua .22 LR Center-X: Premium Performance for Rimfire Enthusiasts

Lapua .22 LR, Center-X, 420163 (Box of 50)

Experience the superior performance of Lapua's Center-X .22 LR ammunition, a top choice among rimfire enthusiasts globally. Known for its versatility and high-quality, the Center-X .22 LR match ammunition is engineered to deliver outstanding results in precision target shooting.

High-Quality Performance

LapuaÕs Center-X .22 LR cartridges are celebrated for their consistency and reliability. These rounds are widely utilized by shooters for their exceptional performance, ensuring that each shot is as accurate as the last.

Ballistic Coefficients

The ballistic coefficients for the Center-X .22 LR bullets are meticulously calculated using Quick Target Unlimited Lapua Edition from V0 to V75. With a BC G1 of 0.172, these bullets maintain stable trajectories and predictable performance under various shooting conditions.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: .22 Long Rifle (LR)
  • Product Number: 420163
  • Bullet Weight: 2.59 g (40 grains)
  • Ballistic Coefficient (BC G1): 0.172
  • Purpose: Target Shooting

The Lapua .22 LR Center-X is more than just ammunition; it is a commitment to precision and excellence. Whether you are a competitive shooter or a hobbyist, the Center-X ammunition provides the reliability and accuracy needed for successful target shooting experiences.

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Additional Information

.22 LR
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    Tighten the groups considerably

    Posted by Larry on Oct 11th 2023


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