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American Precision Arms - Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake, Fat Bastard, 5/8X24, 6.5mm, Nitrided

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Experience Unmatched Shooting Control with the American Precision Arms Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake - Fat Bastard, Caliber 6.5mm, Thread 5/8X24, Nitrided Finish Elevate your shooting game to new heights with the American Precision Arms (APA) Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake - Fat Bastard, meticulously engineered for 6.5mm caliber rifles and featuring a 5/8X24 thread configuration. Crafted with precision and finished with a nitrided coating, this muzzle brake combines cutting-edge design, meticulous engineering, and outstanding durability to redefine your shooting experience. Master Recoil, Achieve Precision For precision shooters, controlling recoil is a crucial aspect of achieving accuracy. The APA Gen 3 Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake is meticulously designed for this purpose. Its innovative design redirects muzzle gases, effectively mitigating recoil and reducing muzzle rise. Stay firmly on target and experience unparalleled control, whether you're engaging in competitive shooting or honing your long-range marksmanship skills. Engineering Excellence The Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake embodies APA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of firearm accessories. Every component of its design serves a purpose, from the precisely positioned baffles to the strategically placed ports. This meticulous engineering results in reduced recoil, minimal muzzle movement, and rapid follow-up shots Ð all essential for achieving pinpoint accuracy. Simplified Self Timing Installation Say goodbye to complicated installation processes. The Gen 3 Fat Bastard features APA's innovative self-timing mechanism, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Achieve perfect alignment effortlessly, optimizing gas escape efficiency while preserving the accuracy of your rifle. Thread the muzzle brake onto your firearm, and you're ready to experience its game-changing benefits. Durability in Nitrided Finish In addition to its performance attributes, the nitrided finish of the Gen 3 Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake offers enhanced durability and aesthetics. Nitriding is a surface treatment that increases the hardness and corrosion resistance of metal. This ensures that your muzzle brake can withstand challenging shooting conditions while retaining its sleek appearance. Upgrade Your Shooting Standards Whether you're a competitive shooter, a dedicated hunter, or a precision enthusiast, the American Precision Arms Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake - Fat Bastard is an indispensable addition to your firearm setup. Its advanced features, precision engineering, and nitrided finish combine to offer you a distinct advantage in accuracy, control, and overall shooting performance. Specifications: Model: Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake - Fat Bastard Caliber: 6.5mm Thread: 5/8X24 Finish: Nitrided Elevate your shooting prowess with the APA Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake - Fat Bastard. Experience reduced recoil, enhanced accuracy, and unmatched control. Make every shot count and invest in the precision that only American Precision Arms can deliver. Upgrade your shooting standards today.
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Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
Fat Bastard
Muzzle Device Type:
Muzzle Brakes
Port Count:
Muzzle Tenon:
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