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Armageddon Gear

Armageddon Gear - Game Changer, Wax Canvas, Tan, Standard Fill

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Armageddon Gear OG Game Changer: The Ultimate Shooting Bag

Rediscover the roots of positional shooting excellence with the Armageddon Gear OG Game Changer, a shooting bag that revolutionizes firearm stability. Born from Reasor Precision's innovative design, the OG Game Changer harks back to the original concept that transformed positional shooting into an art form.

Designed for Unmatched Versatility and Stability

The OG Game Changer is meticulously crafted to provide shooters with an unparalleled support system. Its unique shape, heavy-poly fill blend, and pliable waxed canvas shell offer the perfect balance of flexibility and stability, making it the go-to solution for challenging shooting positions.

Key Features:

  • Material: Durable waxed canvas available in Tan, Brown, & Black.
  • Handles for Easy Maneuverability: Features two handles on opposite ends for ambidextrous use, enhancing functionality.
  • Optimal Weight and Fill: Weighing over 6 pounds, filled with Reasor Precision Solutions approved recycled plastic fill, ensuring steady and reliable support.
  • Customizable Fill: Includes a spout for fill adjustment, allowing shooters to find the perfect balance for their specific needs.
  • Dimensions: Measures approximately 10_ Long, 7_ Tall, and 6_ Wide, designed for optimal support.

Proudly made in the USA, the OG Game Changer holds US Patents No. 10,048,034 and 10,466,007, affirming its innovation and effectiveness in enhancing shooting precision.

Experience the Original Game Changer

Whether you're a competitive marksman or a hunting enthusiast, the OG Game Changer by Armageddon Gear is designed to elevate your shooting game. Its proven design and construction cater to the demands of various shooting disciplines, offering a reliable foundation for accuracy and success.

Embrace the original solution that reshaped positional shooting. Choose the Armageddon Gear OG Game Changer for a shooting experience defined by stability, versatility, and precision.

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