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Armageddon Gear

Armageddon Gear - Mini Plate Pro Pad, Coyote Brown

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Armageddon Gear - Mini Plate Pro Pad in Coyote Brown

Enhance your shooting stability with the Mini Plate Pro Pad, meticulously designed to complement the Gray Ops Mini Plate Pro. This compact, lightweight, and robust shooting pad offers a supremely stable platform for precision shooting without sacrificing the comfort of keeping both hands on your rifle.

Key Features

  • Optimal Compatibility: Tailored to align perfectly with the Gray Ops Mini Plate Pro for enhanced stability.
  • Adjustable Fill: Features a built-in fill spout, allowing shooters to tailor the fill volume and type according to their specific needs.
  • Fill Options: Available with either a standard poly bead fill for a lighter pad or a heavy sand fill for added stability.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for creating a stable shooting base in confined spaces where larger supports are impractical.
  • Weight: Standard bead fill approximately 2 lbs, and sand fill approximately 4 lbs, providing options for balance and portability.

Designed for Precision

The Mini Plate Pro Pad is the quintessential accessory for shooters seeking a small, yet highly stable platform. Whether you're dealing with tight spaces or require a lower-profile shooting base, this pad offers unparalleled support and adaptability.

Customization and Comfort

With the ability to adjust the fill, shooters can customize the pad's weight and firmness to suit their individual preferences, ensuring optimal comfort and stability. Choose between lighter poly bead fill for ease of transport and maneuverability or opt for the heavier sand fill for maximum stability.

Please Note

The Mini Plate Pro Pad is sold separately from the Gray Ops Mini Plate Pro. Ensure to purchase the Mini Plate Pro separately to complete your shooting setup.

Choose the Armageddon Gear Mini Plate Pro Pad for a compact, adaptable, and stable shooting foundation. Its thoughtful design and customizable features make it a must-have for precision shooters.

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Coyote Brown
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