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ADG Brass (Atlas Development Group)

ADG Brass - 6.5 SAUM Anneal Line 50pc Box

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  • Detailed view of the base of a 6.5mm SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum) cartridge from ADG Brass, featuring the engraved headstamp '6.5mm SAUM'. The image highlights the central primer hole and a visible anneal line, indicating a specialized heat treatment for enhanced durability and performance. Ideal for showcasing in online ammunition listings and appealing to shooting enthusiasts in a 50-piece box set.
  • ADG Brass orange ammunition box for 6.5 SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum) cartridges, prominently displaying the company's logo and a detailed product label. The label includes an American flag and provides key information about the cartridge type and quantity (50 pieces). This durable plastic box is ideal for storing and transporting ammunition, targeting shooting enthusiasts and collectors.

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ADG's 6.5 SAUM Brass: Precision Engineered for Optimal Performance

Introducing Atlas Development Group's 6.5 SAUM Brass

Atlas Development Group (ADG) offers precision-crafted 6.5 SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum) brass, optimized for both consistent performance and enhanced durability. Designed for serious reloaders and competitive shooters, this brass provides a solid foundation for precision shooting.

Superior Material Optimization for Durability and Performance

ADG's unique approach to brass manufacturing involves optimizing the material in critical areas to strengthen the overall structure. This strategic enhancement results in a brass case with a different volume compared to standard offerings from other manufacturers. This tailored design allows for more precise control over internal ballistics, essential for achieving the desired pressures and velocities.

Customized Reloading for Enhanced Accuracy

Designed specifically for chambers cut with a .296 neck reamer, our 6.5 SAUM brass does not require neck turning, simplifying the preparation process for reloaders. We recommend using trustworthy load data sources and starting with their minimum recommended loads, then working up to ensure maximum safety and accuracy.

Load Adjustment Guidelines for Safety

When integrating ADG brass into your reloading routine, especially when replacing components such as brass, projectiles, primers, or powder types, it is advisable to reduce existing charge weights by 10%. This precaution is necessary to avoid higher pressures and velocities that could result from using ADG brass, ensuring safe and reliable shooting.

Technical Specifications of ADG's 6.5 SAUM Brass

  • Caliber: 6.5mm
  • Finish: Available in Bright and Standard
  • Quantity: Sold in retail boxes of 50 pieces
  • Case Weight: 213.9 grains (average)
  • Case Volume: 73.0 grains of H2O (average)
  • Neck Wall Thickness: 0.0138 inch (average)

Benefits of Choosing ADG Brass

Choosing ADG's 6.5 SAUM brass means opting for a product engineered with precision and care. The specific enhancements and custom features of our brass ensure that reloaders can achieve optimal performance without the need for extensive case preparation. This quality translates into more reliable and accurate ammunition for competitive shooting and hunting.


Atlas Development Group’s 6.5 SAUM brass sets a new standard for quality and performance in the ammunition industry. With its advanced material optimization and design tailored for specific chamber reamers, ADG brass provides shooters with the consistency and durability needed to perform at the highest levels. Trust ADG for your reloading needs and experience the difference that precision-engineered brass can make.

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6.5mm RSAUM
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