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Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein Barrel - SS, .22 Cal, B#8 Light Varmint, 7 twist, 27'' blank, 4 Groove

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Bartlein Barrels: Precision Engineered for Unmatched Shooting Accuracy

Bartlein Barrels: Mastering Precision with the .22 Cal Light Varmint Barrel

Introducing the Bartlein Barrel, stainless steel .22 caliber with a B#8 Light Varmint contour, a 7 twist, 27'' blank, and 4 groove rifling, designed for shooters who demand the utmost in accuracy and performance. With a legacy of precision barrel manufacturing, Bartlein Barrels offers custom solutions that enhance the shooting experience for competitive shooters and hunters alike.

The Significance of Barrel Contour and Weight

Barrel contour significantly impacts weight, affecting a rifle's balance and handling. While heavier contours provide stability and reduce heat-induced accuracy issues, Bartlein's advanced manufacturing ensures optimal performance across all contour types without compromising on precision.

Why Choose Single Point Cut Rifling?

Bartlein Barrels' dedication to single point cut rifling ensures a perfectly concentric barrel with uniform twist rates, minimizing internal stress and enhancing accuracy. This meticulous process guarantees that each barrel meets the highest standards of precision and longevity.

Enhancing Performance with 5R Rifling

The 5R rifling pattern in Bartlein Barrels reduces bullet deformation, decreasing friction and improving accuracy. This innovative design offers significant advantages, including easier cleaning and extended barrel life, making it a preferred choice for serious shooters.

Customization for Your Shooting Needs

Understanding the diverse requirements of shooters, Bartlein Barrels offers customization options like fluting for weight reduction, improved cooling, and aesthetic enhancement. Each barrel is crafted with precision, ensuring it meets the specific needs and preferences of its owner.

Embrace the pinnacle of shooting precision with Bartlein Barrels' .22 Cal Light Varmint barrel. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting, trust Bartlein to elevate your performance with barrels engineered for accuracy. Discover the Bartlein difference today.

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Additional Information

Caliber / Bore Size:
.22 Cal
B#8 Light Varmint
27in Blank
Stainless Steel
Twist Rate:
1 in 07.00in
Groove Type:
# Grooves:
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