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Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein Barrel - SS, 6mm, B#11 Medium Palma, 7.5 twist, 29'' blank, 5R

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Bartlein Barrel - Superior 6mm SS Medium Palma with 5R Rifling | Bullet Central

Bartlein Barrel 6mm SS Medium Palma: Precision Engineered for Optimal Performance

Introducing the Bartlein Barrel in 6mm SS Medium Palma contour with a 7.5 twist and 29'' blank, a premium choice for shooters who demand precision and quality. Featuring the renowned 5R single point cut rifling, this barrel is designed to deliver exceptional accuracy and consistency.

Key Insights:

  • Effect of Barrel Contours: Heavier contours can resist movement and wandering as the barrel heats up, providing more stability during shooting.
  • Cut Rifling Advantage: Single point cut rifling, as used in Bartlein Barrels, does not induce stress into the barrel, making contour less critical compared to button rifled barrels.
  • Barrel Weight and Shooting Performance: Heavier barrels can aid in recoil management and shooter fatigue, potentially enhancing performance over extended periods.
  • Suppressor Compatibility: Recommended for use with medium palma or heavier contours to handle the additional weight and its impact on barrel harmonics.
  • Superiority of Single Point Cut Rifling: Eliminates issues like bore size changes and is less affected by external modifications such as threading for muzzle brakes or suppressors, maintaining accuracy at the muzzle's crown edge.

The Bartlein Barrel 6mm SS Medium Palma is more than just a barrel; it's a testament to the precision and craftsmanship inherent in Bartlein's manufacturing process. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a hunting enthusiast, this barrel offers the accuracy and reliability you need to excel in your shooting pursuits.

Choose the Bartlein Barrel 6mm SS Medium Palma for its exceptional build quality, advanced rifling technique, and proven performance. Elevate your shooting experience with a barrel that stands at the forefront of precision and quality.

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Additional Information

Caliber / Bore Size:
B#11 Medium Palma
29in Blank
Stainless Steel
Twist Rate:
1 in 07.50in
Groove Type:
# Grooves:
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