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BAT Machine

BAT action wrench - 3 lug rear entry

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BAT Action Wrench for 3 Lug Models: Precision Barrel Installation Tool

Enhance Your Gunsmithing Toolkit with BAT Action Wrench for 3 Lug Models

Introducing the BAT Action Wrench for 3 lug rear entry, a meticulously designed tool crafted for precision and durability. This wrench is engineered to slide in from the rear of the action, aligning the twisting force with the action's strongest area for optimal efficiency during barrel installation or maintenance.

Robust Design and Compatibility

Constructed from high-grade 303 stainless steel, the BAT Action Wrench is built to last. It features a 5/8_ hex for the 2 Lug and 3 Lug wrenches, and a 3/4_ hex for the EX model, allowing for the use of a torque wrench with socket to securely fasten the barrel. This versatility ensures that you have the right tool for a wide range of BAT action models.

Wide Range of Compatibility

  • The 2 Lug wrench fits BAT models S, SV, SB, B, DS, MB, MST, M, CT, L, VR, TR, HR, Igniter, Igniter LA, Vesper S, Vesper M, Vesper, Bumblebee, and Vampire.
  • The 3 Lug wrench is compatible with BAT model 3L and 3LL, designed for a precise fit and ease of use.
  • The EX wrench is specifically designed for the BAT EX and EXS model actions, offering a tailored solution for these unique configurations.

Key Features

  • Material: Made from 303 stainless steel for durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Design: Rear entry design ensures the twisting force is applied in the strongest area of the action for safe and effective use.
  • Compatibility: Available for 2 Lug, 3 Lug, and EX models, covering a broad range of BAT actions.
  • Hex Size: Equipped with 5/8_ and 3/4_ hex sizes for versatile use with torque wrenches.

The BAT Action Wrench for 3 Lug models is an essential tool for gunsmiths and rifle enthusiasts seeking a reliable and precise method for barrel installation and maintenance. Upgrade your toolkit with this essential accessory and ensure your BAT rifle actions are serviced with the precision they deserve.

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Stainless Steel
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