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BAT Dovetail Base 2pc Silver 1.35 Round

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BAT Dovetail Base 2pc Silver 1.35 Round - Precision Machined for BAT Actions

BAT Dovetail Base 2pc Silver 1.35 Round - Superior Mounting Solution for BAT Actions

The BAT Dovetail Base 2pc Silver 1.35 Round is a premium mounting solution, expertly designed for seamless integration with your BAT action rifles. Crafted with precision from high-quality 6061 Aluminum, this dovetail base is the epitome of strength and durability.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Material

Each dovetail base is meticulously machined from 6061 Aluminum, known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. This material choice ensures that the base not only provides a secure platform for mounting but also adds minimal weight to your firearm setup.

Custom Contouring for Perfect Fit

Our engineers have tailored the dovetail base to perfectly conform to the top profile of your BAT action. This precise fitment enhances stability and alignment, providing an optimal foundation for your sighting systems.

Secure Mounting with Quality Hardware

Stability is key when it comes to precision shooting. To this end, the BAT Dovetail Base includes four 8-40 mounting screws with a T-15 Torx drive. These screws are not only robust but also offer ease of installation and a secure lock, minimizing any movement between the base and the action.

Stunning Finish Options

Aesthetics matter as much as functionality. The BAT Dovetail Base is available in two finishes: a polished silver and an anodized black. The silver variant exudes a classic, sleek look, while the anodized black offers a modern, tactical appearance. Both finishes are applied with precision, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Compatibility and Dimensions

This dovetail base is specifically designed for BAT actions, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of models. The dimensions are carefully considered, with a 1.35-inch diameter round base, making it versatile for different shooting applications.

Product Specifications

Material: 6061 Aluminum
Finish Options: Polished Silver, Anodized Black
Included Hardware: Four 8-40 Mounting Screws with T-15 Torx Drive
Compatibility: BAT Action Rifles
Base Diameter: 1.35 inches (Round)

In conclusion, the BAT Dovetail Base 2pc Silver 1.35 Round is an essential upgrade for shooters seeking a reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and precision-made mounting solution for their BAT action rifles.

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