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BAT Extractor Kit - Sako Extractor

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BAT Extractor Kit - Sako Style for Precision BAT Actions | Bullet Central

BAT Extractor Kit: Sako Style Extractor for Enhanced BAT Action Performance

Introducing the BAT Extractor Kit with Sako Style Extractor, an essential upgrade for your BAT action rifle. This kit is expertly designed to provide superior reliability and performance, specifically tailored for BAT action models.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Design: The Sako style extractor is intricately designed to fit BAT actions, ensuring a perfect match and optimal functionality.
  • Compatibility: While ideal for many BAT actions, it's important to verify the compatibility with your specific BAT bolt, as BAT also produces sliding plate and modified M-16 style extractors.
  • Dimension Specific: The dimensions of this extractor are uniquely suited to BAT actions, offering precise engagement and smooth operation.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Upgrade your rifle with this kit to ensure consistent and reliable extraction, crucial for both competitive shooting and hunting scenarios.

When upgrading your rifle, the BAT Extractor Kit offers a significant enhancement in terms of extraction efficiency and overall rifle performance. This kit is a must-have for shooters who demand precision and reliability from their BAT action rifles.

Equip your BAT action rifle with the BAT Extractor Kit featuring the Sako Style Extractor for improved performance. It's an investment in the reliability and longevity of your firearm, ensuring that you get the most out of your precision shooting experience.

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Additional Information

Extractor Type:
Stainless Steel
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