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BAT Machine

BAT Machine, B, Stainless Steel, Polished, Standard length, Multi Flat 1.4 in, Right Bolt, No Fluting, PPC, Standard knob, Left Load, Left Eject STD, No sight base, Recessed Lug

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BAT Machine Model B Stainless Steel Action - Precision and Versatility

BAT Machine Model B Stainless Steel Action

The BAT Machine Model B Stainless Steel Action is a versatile and precision-crafted component that excels in a wide range of shooting disciplines. Whether you're a competitive benchrest shooter, a varmint hunter, or a long-range enthusiast, this action delivers top-tier performance and reliability.

Unleash the Potential

The Model B action is a fantastic choice for various shooting applications. It's equally at home in Short Range Light Gun Benchrest competitions as it is in 1000 yard Benchrest matches. Additionally, it shines in F-Class, varmint hunting, Hunter class competitions, and varmint scoring events. The Model B action accommodates a broad spectrum of calibers, starting as small as the 223 Remington rim size cases and going up to Magnum cases. The only limitation is the 3-inch load port.

Key Features

  • Optimal Length: The Model B action measures 7.565 inches, striking a balance between maneuverability and stability.
  • Precision Bolt: Featuring a one-piece bolt with a coned bolt head, this action ensures smooth and reliable cycling.
  • Adjustable Trigger Hanger: The included trigger hanger allows for easy trigger adjustments, ranging from 0 to 30 ounces, tailored to your preference.
  • Variable Weight: With a starting weight of 33 ounces, the Model B action's weight can vary based on your chosen customization options.
  • Ample Load Port: The action boasts a generous 3.0-inch load port length, accommodating a variety of cartridge sizes.
  • Efficient Eject Port: With a 2.2-inch eject port length (if dual port), spent casings are efficiently ejected from the action.
  • Included Action Screws: Each Model B action comes with action screws for hassle-free assembly.
  • Barrel Tenon: The barrel tenon measures 1.062 x 18 tpi, ensuring a secure and precise barrel attachment.
  • Multiple Bolt Faces: The Model B action is available with various bolt faces, including .385 (223), .455 (PPC), .48 (Standard), and .55 (Magnum), catering to different cartridge preferences.

Enhance Your Shooting Experience

Elevate your shooting performance with the BAT Machine Model B Stainless Steel Action. Crafted with precision and built to excel in diverse shooting disciplines, this action provides you with the versatility and reliability needed to achieve your accuracy goals.

Whether you're competing in benchrest matches, pursuing varmints, or engaging in long-range precision shooting, the Model B action is your trusted partner on the range. Its exceptional features and craftsmanship make it a valuable addition to your firearm setup.

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Additional Information

Model / Type:
Stainless Steel
Multiflat 1.4in
Bolt Orientation:
Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Face Diameter:
.445 +/-
Bolt Knob Style:
Load Port:
Ejection Port:
Picatinny Rail:
Minute of Angle:
Recoil Lug:
Extractor Type:
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