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BAT Machine - Bolt Assembly, Right Hand, Tactical Knob, Nitrided, Spiral Fluting, CheyTac Bolt Face, Right Eject, Slide Plate Extractor, for Model EXS

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Introducing the BAT Machine Right-Hand Bolt Assembly with Tactical Knob and Nitrided Finish, designed specifically for the Model EXS. If you're an enthusiast of precision shooting, long-range accuracy, or competitive marksmanship, this bolt assembly is your gateway to achieving outstanding results. Let's delve into the details of this exceptional component. Precision-Crafted Design: BAT Machine is renowned for its commitment to precision, and this bolt assembly is no exception. It's meticulously crafted to meet the high standards of competitive shooters and enthusiasts who demand the utmost accuracy and reliability from their firearms. Tactical Knob for Enhanced Control: The Tactical Knob is a standout feature of this bolt assembly. It offers an enlarged, textured surface that provides a secure grip for rapid cycling and precise bolt manipulation, even in challenging conditions. This knob design enhances control and ensures smooth, consistent operation. Robust Nitrided Finish: The bolt assembly boasts a durable nitrided finish that not only enhances its aesthetics but also provides exceptional corrosion resistance and wear resistance. This finish ensures that your bolt assembly remains in optimal condition, even with heavy use in various environments. Spiral Fluting for Improved Performance: Spiral fluting is an eye-catching feature of this bolt assembly. Beyond aesthetics, the spiral flutes serve a functional purpose. They reduce the overall weight of the bolt, promote efficient cooling, and enhance debris clearance during cycling. This results in smoother and more reliable operation. CheyTac Bolt Face for Versatility: Designed with versatility in mind, this bolt assembly features a CheyTac bolt face. This allows you to chamber cartridges that are designed for the CheyTac family of cartridges, known for their impressive ballistics and long-range capabilities. Whether you're engaging in long-range precision shooting or simply enjoy the challenge of pushing the limits, this bolt face is an excellent choice. Right Eject Configuration: The right eject configuration ensures that spent casings are ejected away from the shooter, enhancing safety and reducing the risk of malfunctions caused by ejected cases interfering with the firearm's operation. Slide Plate Extractor for Reliability: Reliability is paramount when it comes to firearms. The slide plate extractor in this bolt assembly is designed for consistent and dependable extraction of spent cases, minimizing the chances of extraction failures. Model EXS Compatibility: This bolt assembly is purpose-built for the Model EXS, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. It's the perfect upgrade for your rifle if you're looking to maximize its potential. Upgrade Your Precision Rifle: Whether you're a competitive shooter, a hunter seeking long-range accuracy, or simply a firearms enthusiast who appreciates exceptional craftsmanship, the BAT Machine Right-Hand Bolt Assembly with Tactical Knob is a worthwhile upgrade for your precision rifle. Unlock Your Rifle's Full Potential: By investing in this bolt assembly, you're taking a significant step toward unlocking your rifle's full potential. Enjoy smoother cycling, enhanced control, and the versatility to chamber high-performance cartridges. In summary, the BAT Machine Right-Hand Bolt Assembly with Tactical Knob, Nitrided Finish, Spiral Fluting, CheyTac Bolt Face, and Right Eject configuration is a top-tier component designed to meet the needs of discerning shooters. Upgrade your Model EXS rifle with this exceptional bolt assembly and experience the difference in precision and performance. Elevate your shooting experience with BAT Machine Ð Precision Redefined.
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Additional Information

Bolt Face Diameter:
.640 +/-
Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Knob Style:
Bolt Orientation:
Ejection Port:
Extractor Type:
Slide Plate
Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
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