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BAT Machine

BAT Machine - Firing Pin, Neuvo

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BAT Machine Firing Pins - Precision Replacement Parts

Precision Replacement Firing Pins for BAT Actions

When it comes to maintaining the exceptional performance of your BAT action rifle, precision is paramount. BAT Machine offers high-quality factory replacement firing pins designed to ensure your firearm continues to operate flawlessly. Explore our range of firing pins to find the perfect fit for your BAT action.

Compatibility Information

It's essential to select the right firing pin for your BAT action, and compatibility varies based on the production year and specific model:

Actions Made Before 2014

If your BAT action was manufactured before 2014, it likely uses the .250 diameter firing pin. Please note that most of these firing pins are now out of stock. To maintain your rifle's performance, consider upgrading to the new .280 components. This upgrade requires purchasing the new .280 Pin, along with a new Spring and new Shroud. Rest assured, your existing cocking piece will still work seamlessly with these upgrades.

Actions Made After 2014

Actions manufactured after 2014 utilize the new .280 pin with a standard 0.070 diameter firing pin tip. These modern components are designed to meet the latest standards of precision and reliability.

EX and EXS Firing Pins

For BAT EX and EXS bolts with the CheyTac (.650) bolt face, specific variations exist. Most EX and EXS firing pins feature a .37 body diameter and a 0.087 diameter firing pin tip as standard. However, there have been reworked bolts with a reduced .070 diameter firing pin tip for some CheyTac bolt faces. To ensure compatibility, it's crucial to measure your bolt and confirm the firing pin tip size.

At BAT Machine, we understand the importance of precision and reliability in shooting sports. Our replacement firing pins are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring your BAT action rifle continues to perform at its best.

Upgrade or replace your firing pin with confidence, knowing that BAT Machine offers the precision and quality you demand. Explore our selection today and maintain the excellence of your BAT action firearm.

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