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BAT Machine

BAT Machine - Roller Cocking Piece - 2 Lug (DS, S, SV, SB, B, MB, M, CT, L)

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BAT Machine Roller Cocking Piece - Precision Component for Enhanced Performance

BAT Machine Roller Cocking Piece for 2 Lug Actions - Elevating Rifle Performance

The BAT Machine Roller Cocking Piece is a meticulously engineered rifle component designed to enhance the cocking smoothness and reliability of your rifle. Compatible with a wide range of BAT Machine actions including DS, S, SV, SB, B, MB, M, CT, and L models, this cocking piece is a significant upgrade for any serious shooter.

Versatile and Reliable Design

This high-quality cocking piece is compatible with both .250 and .280 diameter firing pins, ensuring versatility across different rifle setups. Its design is focused on providing a smoother and more consistent cocking action, thereby improving the overall shooting experience.

Included Components and Easy Installation

The roller cocking piece comes equipped with two required set screws for secure and straightforward installation. This feature ensures that shooters can easily upgrade their rifle actions without the need for complex modifications.

Technical Assistance and Customer Support

Understanding the specific needs of your rifle can be challenging. That's why our team is always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect cocking piece for your rifle. Whether you prefer to call or send an email, our experts are on hand to provide guidance and support, ensuring you make the right choice for your shooting needs.

Important Considerations for Upgrading

When upgrading from a standard cocking piece to the BAT Machine Roller Cocking Piece, it's essential to note that a new bolt shroud (DS version) will be required. Additionally, for older firing pins with a .250 diameter, a new pin and spring will also be necessary to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Product Specifications

Weight: 0.1 lbs
Dimensions: 0.8 _ 0.6 _ 0.35 inches
Compatibility: DS, S, SV, SB, B, MB, M, CT, L (2 Lug Actions)
Firing Pin Compatibility: .250 and .280 diameter

The BAT Machine Roller Cocking Piece is not just a component; it's an investment in the precision and reliability of your rifle. Enhance your shooting experience with this essential upgrade, designed for the discerning marksman.

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Additional Information

Bolt Face Diameter:
Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Knob Style:
Bolt Orientation:
Ejection Port:
Extractor Type:
Stainless Steel
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