BAT Machine

BAT Machine, SV, Stainless Steel, Polished, Short action, Round 1.35 in, Right Bolt, Diamond Fluting, PPC, Standard knob, Left Load, Right Eject 1.8 in, No sight base, Recessed Lug, Sako Extractor, Roller Cocking Piece

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Introducing the BAT Machine SV Stainless Steel Polished Short Action Rifle Action - a true embodiment of precision and craftsmanship. This remarkable rifle action boasts an array of features, including a right bolt, diamond fluting, compatibility with the PPC cartridge, standard knob, left load, right eject, no sight base, recessed lug, Sako extractor, and a roller cocking piece. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a precision marksman, the BAT Machine SV Action is designed to elevate your shooting experience to new heights. Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and polished to a stunning finish, the BAT Machine SV Action showcases exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its polished surface not only enhances aesthetics but also adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion, ensuring longevity. Short Action Precision: Engineered for short-action cartridges like the PPC, the SV Action offers the ideal balance of maneuverability and accuracy. It's the perfect choice for precision shooting, benchrest competitions, and varmint hunting. Right Bolt for Right-Handed Shooters: The right bolt operation delivers an intuitive and ergonomic shooting experience for right-handed marksmen. Bolt manipulation is smooth and natural, allowing for rapid follow-up shots and precise control. Diamond Fluting for Style and Performance: The diamond fluting not only adds a touch of elegance but also reduces weight without sacrificing strength. This feature optimizes the overall balance of your rifle, contributing to enhanced accuracy and improved handling. PPC Cartridge Compatibility: Designed to accommodate the versatile PPC cartridge, the SV Action ensures you have the right tool for various shooting applications. It's a go-to choice for those seeking exceptional precision and accuracy. Standard Knob for Convenience: The standard knob provides a comfortable and practical grip for bolt operation, ensuring a secure hold and smooth cycling of the action. Left Load and Right Eject: The unique combination of left load and right eject features enhances the overall efficiency and user-friendliness of your firearm. It streamlines the loading and ejection process for an uninterrupted shooting experience. No Sight Base for Customization: The absence of a sight base allows you the flexibility to customize your rifle with the optics of your choice, giving you complete control over your shooting setup. Recessed Lug for Stability: The recessed lug ensures a secure fit between the action and the stock, reducing any potential movement that could affect accuracy. This component enhances the SV Action's consistency and reliability. Sako Extractor for Reliability: The Sako-style extractor guarantees reliable and positive cartridge extraction, even under challenging conditions. This feature is vital for shooters who demand unfailing reliability and performance in every shot. Roller Cocking Piece for Smooth Operation: The roller cocking piece contributes to the smooth operation of the bolt, reducing friction and ensuring consistent cycling, shot after shot. In summary, the BAT Machine SV Stainless Steel Polished Short Action Rifle Action is the embodiment of precision and performance. Whether you're competing in precision shooting competitions or pursuing varmint hunting, this action's features and design make it a top choice for enhancing the performance of your firearm. With the added benefits of diamond fluting, Sako extractor, and a roller cocking piece, the SV Action sets a new standard for precision and reliability in the world of firearms. Elevate your shooting game with BAT Machine and the SV Action.
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Additional Information

Bolt Face Diameter:
.445 +/-
Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Knob Style:
Bolt Orientation:
Ejection Port:
Extractor Type:
Load Port:
Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
Picatinny Rail:
Recoil Lug:
Round 1.35"
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