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BAT Modular Bolt Removal Tool

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BAT Modular Bolt Removal Tool

BAT Modular Bolt Removal Tool

Introducing the indispensable BAT Modular Bolt Removal Tool, specifically designed for use with BAT's innovative modular bolt system. This essential tool is your key to effortlessly removing the sleeve from the BAT Modular bolt, enabling quick and easy swaps of the bolt head for various bolt face sizes.


The BAT Modular Bolt Removal Tool is compatible with a wide range of BAT actions, including:

  • Model SV
  • Model VR
  • Model HR
  • Model TR
  • Model Bumblebee
  • Model Vampire
  • Model Vesper
  • Model Igniter


Designed to seamlessly integrate with BAT's modular bolt system, this tool allows shooters to:

  • Quickly remove the bolt sleeve.
  • Facilitate rapid changes of bolt head for different bolt face sizes.
  • Enhance the flexibility and adaptability of their BAT rifles.

Whether you're a competitive shooter adjusting to different calibers or a hunter seeking versatility from your rifle, the BAT Modular Bolt Removal Tool is an essential addition to your toolkit.

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Stainless Steel
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