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BAT Machine

BAT Picatinny Rail, Aluminum, 20MOA, black, for 1.55" model B, MB, DS, M, CT, L, 3L, 3LL

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BAT Picatinny Rail - Precision Shooting Accessory for BAT Action

BAT Picatinny Rail - Elevate Your Shooting Performance

Experience precision shooting like never before with the BAT Picatinny Rail, a meticulously crafted accessory designed to complement your BAT action. Our in-house machining ensures a seamless match and a perfect fit for your BAT action, delivering the utmost in performance and reliability.

Key Features of the BAT Picatinny Rail

Discover what sets our Picatinny rail apart:

  • Precision Engineering: We take pride in machining these Picatinny bases in-house to guarantee a matched look and an impeccable fit to your BAT action. Our commitment to precision ensures top-tier performance.
  • Optimal Length: The rail is expertly cut to be 5.735 inches long, making it a perfect fit for model B, DS, or 3L actions. Its full-length design maximizes versatility and functionality.
  • MOA Options: Choose between 0 MOA (Minutes of Angle) for short-range shooting or 20 MOA for long-range precision. Tailor your shooting experience to your specific needs with ease.
  • Mounting Screws Included: We provide the convenience of included mounting screws, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Get your rail set up quickly and securely.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Despite its precision engineering, the BAT Picatinny Rail maintains a lightweight profile. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, it offers exceptional durability for long-lasting performance.

As shooting enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of accessories that enhance your shooting experience. The BAT Picatinny Rail is a testament to our commitment to quality and precision.


Get to know the specifications of the BAT Picatinny Rail:

  • Material: High-Quality Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 5.735 inches (Full Length)
  • MOA Options: 0 MOA (Short Range) and 20 MOA (Long Range)
  • Mounting Screws: Included
  • Weight: Varies Slightly with Model and Action Shape (Average: 6.2 ounces)

Upgrade your shooting setup with the BAT Picatinny Rail and experience the difference in precision and performance. Elevate your shooting game today!

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20 MOA
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