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BAT Picatinny Rail, SS, 20 MOA, silver, for model VR

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Introducing the BAT Picatinny Rail, a precision-engineered accessory designed to enhance your shooting experience with the Model VR rifle. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and featuring a 20 MOA incline, this silver Picatinny rail is a must-have for any serious long-range shooter or hunter. Enhanced Long-Range Precision When it comes to long-range shooting, precision and accuracy are paramount. The BAT Picatinny Rail is expertly machined to provide a stable platform for your optics, ensuring consistent and repeatable shot placement at extended distances. The 20 MOA incline allows for increased elevation adjustment, making it perfect for long-range applications. Premium Stainless Steel Construction Durability is a key factor in any firearm accessory, and the BAT Picatinny Rail excels in this regard. Constructed from premium stainless steel, this Picatinny rail is built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. The silver finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides resistance to corrosion, ensuring your rail remains in peak condition for years to come. Seamless Integration with Model VR The BAT Picatinny Rail is custom-designed to seamlessly integrate with the Model VR rifle, providing a secure and stable mounting platform. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a dedicated hunter, this rail allows you to attach a wide range of optics, such as scopes, red dot sights, and laser rangefinders, enhancing your shooting capabilities and accuracy. Quick and Hassle-Free Installation Installing the BAT Picatinny Rail on your Model VR rifle is a breeze. The precisely machined dimensions ensure a snug and secure fit, eliminating any play or wobble. The included hardware and easy-to-follow instructions make installation a straightforward process, allowing you to spend more time at the range or in the field. Versatile Applications The 20 MOA incline of this Picatinny rail opens up a world of possibilities for shooters who demand versatility. Whether you're engaging targets at extreme distances, participating in long-range competitions, or pursuing big game in challenging terrain, this rail provides the extra elevation adjustment needed to compensate for bullet drop. Trust in BAT Precision BAT (Bartlein Barrels, Accuracy International, and Truvelo) is renowned in the firearms industry for producing high-quality precision shooting accessories. The BAT Picatinny Rail is no exception. It upholds the company's commitment to excellence and precision, meeting the stringent demands of competitive shooters, law enforcement professionals, and hunters alike. Upgrade Your Model VR Rifle Elevate your shooting game with the BAT Picatinny Rail, a premium accessory that brings out the full potential of your Model VR rifle. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or just starting your journey into long-range shooting, this Picatinny rail will help you achieve tighter groups and more consistent shot placement. Invest in the BAT Picatinny Rail today and experience the difference it can make in your shooting performance. With its rugged stainless steel construction, elegant silver finish, and 20 MOA incline, it's the perfect addition to your Model VR rifle setup. Elevate your shooting experience and hit your targets with precision every time. Upgrade your rifle with the BAT Picatinny Rail and discover a new level of shooting excellence. Order yours now and experience the difference that precision engineering can make in your shooting performance.
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