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BAT Scope rings/bases (direct mount), 30mm, 20 MOA, tall, 1.35 round, polished, black

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BAT Scope Rings/Bases (Direct Mount) - Precision Scope Mounting Solution

BAT Scope Rings/Bases (Direct Mount) - Precision and Elegance

A Superior Scope Mounting Solution

Discover the BAT Scope Rings/Bases (Direct Mount), an exceptional and lightweight method to securely mount your scope on BAT action rifles. These rings are engineered for precision and designed to provide a clean, elegant appearance for your firearm.

Key Features:

  • Precision Machined: Crafted from 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, these scope rings offer an optimal balance between weight and strength. You can trust in their durability and performance in any shooting situation.
  • Direct Mount Design: The bottom half of these rings directly attaches to the action body, eliminating the need for a scope rail. This innovative design eliminates common problems associated with scope rails, ensuring a secure and reliable mounting solution.
  • Custom Fit: The bottom of the scope rings can be customized to fit your action shape, providing a tailored fit for your specific rifle. For precision shooters, they can also be cut with minutes of angle for long-distance shooting requirements.
  • Mounting Screws Included: The necessary mounting screws are included in the package for your convenience, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

Finish Options:

Choose from two finish options to suit your style and preferences:

  • Polished Silver: Enjoy the natural silver polished finish for a classic and timeless look.
  • Anodized Black (Matte Finish): Opt for the matte black finish for a sleek and modern appearance.

Height Options:

The 30mm scope rings are available in three heights to accommodate various scopes and shooting preferences:

  • Tall: Provides a maximum dimension of 1.0Ó from the top of the action to the bottom of the scope tube.
  • Medium: Cut to about .750Ó for a balanced profile.
  • Low: Designed with a height of about .500Ó for shooters seeking a lower profile.

Each set of BAT Scope Rings/Bases (Direct Mount) weighs an average of 2.8 ounces, ensuring a lightweight addition to your rifle setup without compromising on durability or precision.

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Additional Information

Stainless Steel
Minute of Angle:
20 MOA
Mount Format:
Ring Diameter:
Ring Height:
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