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BC Custom

BC Custom - A.I.R. Mag for FX Impact, Right, .35 Cal

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BC Custom A.I.R. Mag for FX Impact, Right, .35 Cal - Enhancing Your Shooting Experience


Introducing the BC Custom A.I.R. Mag for the FX Impact, a high-performance magazine designed for right-handed shooters and optimized for .35 caliber. This magazine is a result of a strategic collaboration between Bullet Central and airgun expert Ernest Rowe, bringing together advanced features to elevate accuracy and functionality.

Product Overview

The BC Custom A.I.R. Mag is engineered to enhance the shooting capabilities of your FX Impact rifle. It incorporates a sophisticated ball bearing mechanism and a constant tension spring, ensuring smooth operation and exceptionally tight tolerances—key for achieving consistent accuracy.

Key Design Features

  • Ball Bearing System: A ball bearing is press-fitted into the carousel, promoting smoother operation and helping to maintain tight tolerances which are crucial for precise and consistent shooting.
  • Constant Tension Spring: This feature ensures that the spring exerts consistent pressure on the ammunition, providing reliable and uniform feeding of pellets or slugs into the rifle.
  • Increased Capacity: The carousel's grooves are expertly cut to accept both pellets and slugs and are designed to hold an extra round compared to the standard FX stock magazines. This design allows for longer shooting sessions and fewer reloads.
  • Magnetic Security Features: The magazine includes eight magnets to securely hold the clear face plate in place during use. Additionally, four magnets on the back of the magazine provide a convenient place to store the face plate while reloading, simplifying the process and enhancing user convenience.

Installation and Compatibility

This A.I.R. Mag is specifically designed for right-handed use with the FX Impact, ensuring seamless integration and perfect alignment with the rifle's design. It installs easily, enhancing the rifle's functionality without the need for extensive modifications.

Durability and Construction

  • Durable Materials: Built from high-quality materials, the magazine is designed to withstand extensive use and various environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Secure Ball Bearing Fit: The press-fit design of the ball bearing not only secures it in place but also enhances the operational lifespan and reliability of the magazine.
  • Clear Face Plate: The clear face plate not only enhances the visual appeal of the magazine but also allows shooters to easily monitor ammunition levels, aiding in effective shooting session management.


The BC Custom A.I.R. Mag for FX Impact, right-handed in .35 caliber, offers a significant upgrade over traditional air rifle magazines. With its innovative design, enhanced capacity, and ease of use, it stands out as a vital enhancement for competitive shooters and hunting enthusiasts. This magazine not only improves the functionality and performance of the FX Impact but also provides a reliable and efficient solution for those looking to optimize their shooting experience.

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