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BC Custom

BC Custom - Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit, FX Impact M3, 700mm, .35 cal

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Introducing the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit, meticulously designed to elevate your shooting experience with the FX Impact M3 in .35 caliber. With a 700mm length, this kit offers a perfect balance of advanced sound suppression, precision tension control, durability, and sleek design, tailored to optimize your .35 caliber FX Impact M3. Exquisite Carbon Fiber Craftsmanship: The BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit exemplifies precision craftsmanship with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber's exceptional strength-to-weight ratio makes it the ideal material for high-performance airgun accessories. These components significantly reduce the overall weight of your FX Impact M3 while ensuring exceptional strength and resilience, capable of enduring the rigors of regular use and demanding shooting conditions. Advanced Sound Suppression: The BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud included in this kit excels at sound suppression. When installed on your FX Impact M3, it effectively reduces the noise generated during firing, providing a quieter and more enjoyable shooting experience. Whether you're engaged in hunting, competitive shooting, or leisurely plinking, the reduced noise levels create a focused and comfortable shooting environment. Precision Tensioning for Improved Accuracy: The BC Custom Carbon Fiber Tensioner featured in this kit is engineered to optimize the tension on your FX Impact M3's barrel. With precise tension control, your shots become more predictable and consistent, ultimately enhancing your overall shooting performance. Whether you're a seasoned competitive shooter or a dedicated airgun enthusiast, this tensioner will significantly impact your shooting accuracy. Enhanced Aesthetics: Beyond their functional advantages, the carbon fiber shroud and tensioner in this kit add a touch of sophistication to your FX Impact M3. The sleek and modern design enhances the rifle's appearance, raising it to a higher standard of visual appeal. These accessories aren't just functional; they're statement pieces that reflect your commitment to both performance and style. Effortless Installation: Installing the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit on your FX Impact M3 is straightforward. The kit includes all the necessary hardware and comprehensive instructions, ensuring a trouble-free installation process. You'll be back on the shooting range or in the field in no time, enjoying the advantages of your upgraded air rifle. Durability and Longevity: Investing in the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit is an investment in the long-term performance of your FX Impact M3. Carbon fiber's inherent resistance to corrosion and wear guarantees that these accessories will serve you faithfully for years, maintaining their structural integrity and aesthetics even in challenging conditions. Elevate Your Shooting Experience: Whether you're pursuing precision, participating in hunting adventures, or simply indulging in recreational shooting, the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit for the FX Impact M3 in .35 caliber with 700mm length is designed to elevate your experience. It offers a seamless blend of style, performance, and ease of installation, all backed by the quality you can expect from BC Custom. Upgrade your FX Impact M3 today and experience the difference that precision-engineered carbon fiber can make. Order your BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit now and savor the benefits of quieter, more accurate shooting with a touch of elegance. It's time to take your shooting to the next level and un
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Additional Information

.35 Cal
700mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Impact M3 Standard
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