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BC Custom

BC Custom - Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit, FX Impact MKI/MKII, 600mm

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Transform Your FX Impact MKI/MKII with BC Custom

Upgrade Your FX Impact MKI/MKII with BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit

Introducing the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit for the FX Impact MKI/MKII. This innovative solution is specifically designed to enhance the performance, accuracy, and aesthetics of your air rifle. Crafted with precision and made from high-quality carbon fiber, this kit is a game-changer for serious airgun enthusiasts.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Fit

BC Custom's dedication to excellence is evident in the meticulous design of this kit, ensuring a perfect match for your FX Impact MKI and MKII models. This precision engineering promotes seamless integration and superior performance.

The Strength and Elegance of Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber shroud is the centerpiece of this kit, offering unbeatable strength without the weight. Renowned for its durability and lightweight profile, carbon fiber enhances your air rifle's performance while adding a sleek, modern look.

Boosted Stability and Accuracy

Experience tighter shot groups and unparalleled accuracy. This kit reduces barrel vibrations and harmonics, ensuring that every shot hits its mark. It's the competitive edge every precision shooter and hunter seeks.

Quieter Shooting Experience

Enjoy a more discreet shooting session with the noise-dampening capabilities of the carbon fiber shroud. Ideal for hunters and anyone who appreciates the quiet concentration of a less noisy air rifle.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Despite its robustness, the shroud keeps your FX Impact MKI/MKII agile and easy to handle, maintaining the perfect balance between strength and lightness.

Simple Installation

BC Custom values your time, which is why this kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions for a hassle-free installation, transforming your air rifle in no time.

Personalize Your Air Rifle

Stand out from the crowd with a unique, visually appealing design that not only enhances performance but also elevates the appearance of your FX Impact MKI/MKII.

Make Your Mark with BC Custom

Don't settle for less. Elevate your shooting experience with the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit for the FX Impact MKI/MKII. Order now and take the first step towards unmatched precision, performance, and style.

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Additional Information

.177 Cal - .30 Cal
600mm Barrel
Model / Type:
FX Impact
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