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BC Custom

BC Custom - Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit, FX Impact MKI/MKII, 800mm

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Elevate your FX Impact MKI/MKII air rifle to new heights with the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit in the impressive 800mm configuration. This meticulously engineered kit is designed to provide precision performance, enhanced aesthetics, and unmatched durability. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a dedicated hunter, this kit is your ticket to superior airgun performance. Seamless Fit for FX Impact MKI/MKII: BC Custom understands that a perfect fit is essential for optimizing your airgun's performance. The Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with the FX Impact MKI/MKII, ensuring precise alignment. This results in improved shot consistency and overall accuracy, making it an essential accessory for airgun enthusiasts. Carbon Fiber Excellence: The standout feature of this kit is the carbon fiber shroud. Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber materials, it offers an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio. This means you get exceptional durability while keeping your air rifle lightweight and agile. Beyond its performance advantages, it adds a touch of sophistication to your FX Impact. Enhanced Stability and Accuracy: One of the primary benefits of the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit is its ability to enhance stability and accuracy. By minimizing barrel vibrations and harmonics during firing, it reduces unwanted movement, resulting in tighter shot groups and improved accuracy. Your shots will consistently hit the mark, making it a valuable addition for any shooter. Noise Reduction for Stealthy Shooting: In addition to boosting accuracy, the carbon fiber shroud effectively dampens the noise generated by your FX Impact air rifle. This feature is especially valuable for hunters and shooters who require a quiet shooting experience. Enjoy stealthy and efficient shooting without drawing unwanted attention. Lightweight Design for Effortless Handling: Despite its remarkable strength, the carbon fiber shroud remains lightweight, ensuring that your air rifle remains easy to handle and maneuver. You won't experience added bulk or weight that could hinder your shooting performance. It strikes the perfect balance between strength and agility. Effortless Installation: BC Custom understands that users appreciate a hassle-free installation process. Installing the Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit is straightforward and user-friendly. Armed with basic tools and comprehensive instructions, you can securely mount it on your FX Impact MKI/MKII, getting you back to shooting in no time. Customize Your Air Rifle: Beyond its performance-enhancing features, the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit adds a distinctive, personalized touch to your FX Impact. Its sleek carbon fiber design elevates the visual appeal of your air rifle, ensuring it stands out on the range or in the field. Make a statement and shoot with style. In summary, the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit for the FX Impact MKI/MKII in the 800mm configuration is the ultimate accessory for airgun enthusiasts who demand the best. Precision-engineered, lightweight, and with enhanced performance, it's a game-changer. Experience unparalleled stability, improved accuracy, and a customized look with the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit. Take your airgun shooting to new heights and enjoy consistent, on-target results with every shot. Upgrade your FX Impact MKI/MKII with the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit, and make your mark in the world of airgun excellence. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself. BC Custom - Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit: Where Precision Meets Performance and Style.
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Additional Information

.177 Cal - .30 Cal
800mm Barrel
Model / Type:
FX Impact
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