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BC Custom

BC Custom - Maverick Shooters Package, .30 Cal, 700mm

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Elevate Your Shooting Precision with the BC Custom Maverick Shooters Package in .30 Caliber, 700mm Barrel Length Description: The BC Custom Maverick Shooters Package in .30 caliber with a 700mm barrel length is a testament to the fusion of precision engineering and unwavering power. This comprehensive package amalgamates state-of-the-art technology, flawless craftsmanship, and an array of accessories to provide you with an unparalleled shooting experience. In this in-depth product description, we'll delve into the extraordinary features and advantages of the BC Custom Maverick Shooters Package, ensuring you are well-informed before embarking on your journey to precision shooting excellence. Key Features: .30 Caliber Excellence: The BC Custom Maverick Shooters Package is chambered in .30 caliber, striking the perfect equilibrium between accuracy and stopping power. This caliber is celebrated for its adaptability and effectiveness across various shooting disciplines. 700mm Barrel Length: The extended 700mm barrel optimizes projectile acceleration and enhances overall accuracy, especially at extended ranges. It serves as the hallmark of precision shooting. Comprehensive Package: This all-inclusive package encompasses the air rifle, Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit, 5 Tins of 30 Cal Pellets, 3 Boxes of 30 Cal Hybrid Slugs, Side Shot Magazine, and BC Custom Trigger Shoeensuring you're fully equipped to initiate your shooting journey without the need for additional purchases. Adjustable Features: The BC Custom Maverick offers an array of adjustable features, including a customizable buttstock, adjustable power settings, and a match-grade trigger. This level of personalization ensures the rifle complements your shooting preferences flawlessly. Cutting-Edge Technology: The rifle incorporates cutting-edge technology such as the Smooth Twist X Barrel and precise external hammer adjustment, guaranteeing impeccable accuracy and consistency.
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.30 Cal
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