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BC Custom

BC Custom - Roosevelt, 7 PRC

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BC Custom Roosevelt 7 PRC Rifle | Lightweight, Precision Backcountry Hunting Rifle

BC Custom Roosevelt 7 PRC: Ultimate Lightweight Precision Rifle for Backcountry Hunting

Experience unparalleled performance with the BC Custom Roosevelt 7 PRC, a rifle specifically designed for the demanding hunter who traverses the backcountry. Weighing in at just 10.5 pounds, this rifle combines lightweight maneuverability with uncompromising accuracy, making it an ideal companion for challenging hunts in rugged terrain.

Lightweight Design for the Avid Hunter

The BC Custom Roosevelt 7 PRC is engineered for ease of carry without sacrificing performance. Its lightweight build allows for extended treks into the wilderness, ensuring hunters can travel farther and faster without being weighed down. This rifle is a testament to the hunter's need for a balance between portability and precision.

Key Components of the BC Custom Roosevelt 7 PRC

Crafted with top-of-the-line components, the BC Custom Roosevelt is built for durability, accuracy, and performance. Each part contributes to the rifle's exceptional balance and shooting precision.

BAT Machine - Vampire

The core of the rifle, the BAT Machine Vampire, provides a solid foundation with its robust construction and precise engineering. This component is essential for the rifle's overall stability and reliability.

Bartlein Barrel

Featuring a Bartlein Barrel, known for its superior stainless steel, 7mm caliber, B#4 Bull Sporter profile, and an 8 twist rate. The 29'' blank CF WRAPPED, 5G barrel ensures unparalleled accuracy and longevity.

XLR Industries Element 4.0 MG Chassis

The chassis, from XLR Industries, is an Element 4.0 MG model with a Vampire Inlet. Its O.D. Green finish, Smoke Carbon Buttstock, and Carbon Fiber Grip, all contribute to the rifle's lightweight profile, while the folding mechanism enhances its portability.

Bix'n Andy Dakota Trigger

Precision is further enhanced with the Bix'n Andy Dakota Trigger, designed for the Remington 700 with a top right safety feature. This trigger allows for crisp, clean shots every time.

300WM MDT Metal AICS Magazine

Completing the setup is the 300WM MDT Metal AICS Magazine 3.850 CIP (102088-BLK), which ensures reliable feeding and durability under all hunting conditions.


The BC Custom Roosevelt 7 PRC is more than just a rifle; it's a fusion of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, tailored for the serious backcountry hunter. Its lightweight design, combined with top-tier components, makes it the perfect choice for those who demand the best in their hunting equipment.

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7mm PRC
Model / Type:
Burnt Bronze
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