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Benchrite Custom Brass Jags - 6mm Male (20-005-023)

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  • Close-up image of a Benchrite Custom Brass Jag, 6mm Male (20-005-023), isolated on a white background. This precision-crafted, golden brass cleaning tool features a threaded end and pointed tip, designed for thorough cleaning of firearm barrels.
  • Three Benchrite Custom Brass Jags, 6mm Male (20-005-023), displayed on a red velvet background. These precision cleaning tools are made of brass and feature spiraled bodies and blue pointed tips for effective cleaning and maintenance of firearm barrels.
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Benchrite Custom Brass Jags - Superior Cleaning Tools

Benchrite Custom Brass Jags - Superior Cleaning Tools for Precision Shooters

Experience the pinnacle of cleaning precision with Benchrite's Custom Brass Jags, the go-to choice for discerning shooters seeking the best cleaning jags in the industry. For over a decade, we have trusted and used these brass jags, and they have consistently proven to be THE BEST jags you can buy.

Several years ago, Dave Wick, a highly accomplished benchrest shooter hailing from southern Ohio, crafted brass cleaning jags by hand on a small lathe. Those fortunate enough to use Dave's jags unanimously declared them as the best they had ever used. While Dave Wick has passed away, the demand for his exceptional jags lives on, and many shooters have requested that we continue producing jags like his because they simply refuse to use anything else.

We are proud to introduce "Wick Style" jags in various calibers to meet your specific needs:

  • .22 Caliber (.164" diameter)
  • 6mm (.178" diameter)
  • .30 Caliber (.246" diameter)

All calibers are available with either a female thread to fit male-ended Dewey rods or a male thread (8-32) to fit most female-threaded rod ends. Benchrite Jags feature an exceptionally sharp steel insert point, ensuring effortless patch piercing, while their superior design securely grips patches for efficient bore cleaning. As a bonus, patches drop off easily when the jag exits the end of the barrel.

For 6mm barrels, consider using a 6mm jag with 1 3/8" patches, or opt for a .22 caliber jag with suitable patches. Once you try a Benchrite Brass Jag, you'll quickly understand why it has become the top choice among precision shooters. Don't settle for anything less; elevate your cleaning kit with Benchrite's Custom Brass Jags, and you'll never want to use any other jag again.

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