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Berger Bullets, .17 Cal, 25gr, FB Varmint, 17308, (Qty 200)

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Experience precision and performance like never before with Berger Bullets .17 Cal 25gr FB Varmint Bullets (17308), available in a pack of 200 rounds. These meticulously engineered bullets are designed to provide exceptional accuracy, rapid expansion, and reliable terminal performance, making them an essential choice for varmint hunters and precision shooters who demand superior results in their shooting pursuits. Key Features: * Precision Engineering: Berger Bullets is synonymous with precision, and the .17 Cal 25gr FB Varmint Bullets (17308) exemplify that legacy. Each bullet is crafted to deliver unparalleled accuracy, ensuring your shots consistently hit the mark for optimal target engagement. * Optimized for Varmint Hunting and Precision Shooting: The .17 caliber offers a unique blend of velocity and minimal recoil, making it an excellent choice for varmint hunting and precision shooting scenarios. These bullets excel in delivering rapid and ethical takedowns. * 25gr Weight: With a lightweight 25gr weight, these bullets are optimized for explosive expansion upon impact. This design ensures rapid fragmentation and energy transfer, making them highly effective against varmint-sized game. * Flat Base Varmint Design: The Flat Base Varmint design is meticulously engineered for rapid and controlled expansion, resulting in optimal wound channels and ethical game takedowns. * Consistency in Manufacturing: Every .17 Cal 25gr FB Varmint Bullet is manufactured with advanced techniques, ensuring uniformity in weight, shape, and ballistic performance. * Pack of 200: Your purchase includes 200 FB Varmint Bullets, providing an ample supply for extended varmint hunting sessions, precision shooting practice, and refining your marksmanship skills. * Rapid Terminal Performance: Engineered for rapid fragmentation and energy transfer, these bullets create optimal wound channels that ensure swift and ethical takedowns of varmint-sized game. * Versatility for Varmint Control: Whether you're targeting pests, rodents, or other varmints, these bullets offer the accuracy and rapid expansion needed for effective varmint control. * Quality Assured: Berger Bullets' reputation for precision and reliability is exemplified in these bullets. They instill confidence in every shot, whether you're eliminating pests or honing your precision shooting skills. Conclusion: Berger Bullets .17 Cal 25gr FB Varmint Bullets (17308) offer unmatched accuracy, rapid expansion, and reliable terminal performance. Whether you're a varmint hunter or a precision shooter seeking quick and ethical takedowns, these bullets are essential for superior performance. Choose ammunition that aligns with your dedication to accuracy and responsible hunting. Order your pack of 200 FB Varmint Bullets today and experience the precision advantage that Berger Bullets brings to your shooting pursuits. Shoot responsibly, shoot accurately Ð choose Berger.
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.17 Cal
Model / Type:
FB Varmint
Projectile Weight:
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