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Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets, .17 Cal, 25gr, FB Varmint, 17308, (Qty 200)

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  • The image captures a compact box of Berger FB (Flat Base) Varmint bullets, .17 Caliber, 25 grain, product number 17308. The packaging boasts a bright yellow color with black and red accents and contains a double stack of 200 bullets, designed specifically for varmint hunting with precision and flat trajectory shooting.
  • This image showcases a box of Berger FB (Flat Base) Varmint bullets, .17 Caliber, 25 grain, model number 17308, alongside two individual bullets. The vivid yellow box with a rustic background design, signifying a quantity of 200 bullets, is complemented by the bullets’ sharp design, optimized for varmint hunting and known for their high accuracy.
  • Displaying a side view, this image features a box of Berger Flat Base Varmint bullets in .17 Caliber, weighing 25 grains, with the product number 17308, signifying the 200-bullet count. The striking yellow and black box, with a clear depiction of two bullets beside it, highlights the precise engineering and quality of these specialized varmint hunting bullets.
  • This image presents a close-up view of a Berger Flat Base (FB) Varmint bullet, .17 Caliber, weighing 25 grains, and labeled with model number 17308. The bullet's sleek design and copper color are indicative of its precision manufacturing, tailored for varmint hunting with a quantity of 200 in a pack.
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Berger Bullets .17 Cal 25gr FB Varmint 17308 (Qty 200)

Berger Varmint Rifle Bullets, in .17 Caliber, with a weight of 25 grains, and Flat Base design (Model 17308) are the choice for precision-seeking varmint hunters. These bullets are engineered to provide exceptional performance and accuracy, ensuring you make the most of your varmint hunting experience.

Match Grade Quality

Berger Varmint Rifle Bullets are synonymous with Match Grade quality construction. They feature a large hollow point that produces rapid expansion when used for varmint hunting. Each rifle bullet is meticulously crafted with thin-nosed J4 Precision Jackets, known and respected by competitive target shooters and custom rifle bullet makers worldwide. The commitment to quality ensures consistent performance in every shot.

Tangent Ogive Design

These bullets incorporate a tangent ogive design, making them easy to load, tune, and shoot accurately. Tangent Ogives are renowned for their versatility, performing exceptionally well at both short and long ranges. Whether you're targeting varmints up close or at a distance, these bullets deliver consistent results.

Consistent Core

The core manufacturing process employed by Berger ensures exacting precision. When you purchase a box of Berger bullets, you can trust that you won't need to sort them by weight. This consistency translates into more reliable drop, a consistent ballistic coefficient (BC), and ultimately, better accuracy. Spend more time focusing on your shot and less on sorting bullets.

Flat Base Design

Flat base bullets are a preference for short-range precision shooters who prioritize tight accuracy. Berger Varmint Rifle Bullets with Flat Base design are tailored to meet the demands of shooters who require pinpoint accuracy at close distances. If you're focused on achieving the tightest groupings, these bullets are an excellent choice.

J4 Varmint Jacket

The J4 Precision Bullet Jackets used in these varmint bullets are the top choice of custom bullet manufacturers. They boast unparalleled consistency and concentricity, with an impressive +/- .0003" tolerance. Varmint jackets are specially crafted for extreme precision and rapid expansion upon impact, making them ideal for varmint hunting scenarios.


  • Bullet Weight: 25 grains
  • Recommended Twist: 1:10
  • G7 BC: N/A
  • G1 BC: 0.152

When you choose Berger Bullets .17 Cal 25gr FB Varmint 17308 (Qty 200), you're choosing precision, reliability, and performance. These bullets will increase your hit percentage and extend your effective lethal range, ensuring you have the edge in varmint hunting.

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Additional Information

.17 Cal
Model / Type:
FB Varmint
Projectile Weight:
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