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Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets, .22 Cal, 70gr, VLD Target, 22418, (Qty 100)

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  • The photograph shows a compact, yellow box of Berger VLD Target bullets in .22 Caliber, 70 grain, featuring the product number 22418. The box, which holds a quantity of 100 bullets, is marked with the Berger brand and detailed labeling that emphasizes the bullets' design for precise long-range target shooting.
  • This image features a yellow and black box of Berger VLD Target bullets in .22 Caliber, 70 grain, with the product number 22418 visible. The box, designed to hold 100 bullets, is photographed with two precision bullets lying next to it, showcasing the product's quality for expert long-range target shooting.
  • This image captures a box of Berger VLD Target bullets in .22 Caliber, 70 grain, with the model number 22418. The bright yellow box features a label with a competitive shooter, indicative of the bullet's target shooting precision. In the foreground, two pointed bullets rest outside the box, displaying the sharp design and consistency vital for marksmanship.
  • A clear, focused image of a single Berger VLD Target bullet in .22 Caliber, 70 grain, model number 22418, against a dark background. The bullet showcases a streamlined, copper design, optimized for stability and flat trajectory in long-range target shooting.
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Berger Bullets .22 Cal 70gr VLD Target - Precision and Flat Shooting

Berger Bullets .22 Cal 70gr VLD Target - Precision and Flat Shooting

Experience the pinnacle of flat shooting performance with Berger's .22 Cal 70gr VLD Target Rifle Bullets. Renowned for their unmatched trajectory, these bullets are favored by shooters worldwide for their exceptional precision and accuracy. The VLD Target Rifle Bullet sets the industry standard as one of the flattest shooting bullets available today.

At the heart of the VLD's exceptional performance is its innovative secant ogive design, which minimizes drag as the bullet travels to its target. This reduction in drag results in a significantly flatter trajectory, reduced wind-drift, and higher retained velocity compared to other bullets in its class. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a precision enthusiast, the VLD Target Rifle Bullet is the choice for those who demand superior performance.

One of the favored load techniques for VLD bullets is seating them to touch the rifling for single-shot applications, although some rifles may prefer a slight jump, typically around .150" from the rifling. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of firearms and shooting preferences.

Key Features:

  1. Secant Ogive: The Berger VLD (Very Low Drag) Bullets feature a Secant Ogive, an aggressive ogive shape that reduces drag significantly. This design enhances external ballistic performance, resulting in flatter trajectories with minimal wind drift.
  2. Consistent Core: Berger's meticulous core manufacturing process eliminates the need for weight sorting. You can trust in the reliability of every bullet, ensuring more consistent drop, ballistic coefficients (BC), and improved accuracy.
  3. Boat Tail: Boat Tail bullets provide exceptional aerodynamic advantages at longer ranges, especially during the transition from transonic to subsonic velocities. This design choice further enhances the bullet's performance.
  4. J4 Target Jacket: J4 Precision Bullet Jackets are the preferred choice of custom bullet manufacturers for their unparalleled consistency and concentricity. With a remarkable +/- .0003Ó tolerance, these jackets produce Berger bullets with minimal dispersion at all ranges.

Berger Bullets .22 Cal 70gr VLD Target represents the ultimate choice for shooters seeking precision and flat shooting performance. Whether you're engaging in competitive long-range shooting or honing your skills as a precision marksman, these bullets deliver the exceptional performance needed to achieve your shooting goals. Say goodbye to trajectory concerns and embrace the precision of Berger VLD Target Rifle Bullets.

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Additional Information

.22 Cal
Model / Type:
VLD Target
Projectile Weight:
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