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Berger Bullets, .22 Cal, 85.5gr, Long Range Hybrid Target, 22485, (Qty 100)

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Achieve Unmatched Precision: Berger Bullets .22 Cal 85.5gr Long Range Hybrid Target 22485 (Qty 100) Elevate your shooting experience to a new level of precision with Berger Bullets .22 Cal 85.5gr Long Range Hybrid Target 22485 (Qty 100). These bullets are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy, ballistic consistency, and superb long-range performance. Let's delve into the features that make these bullets a top choice for precision shooters: 1. Long Range Hybrid Design: The unique Long Range Hybrid profile combines the best attributes of tangent and secant ogive designs, promoting enhanced ballistic performance and reduced drag for superior accuracy. 2. Ultra-High BC: The .22 Cal 85.5gr Long Range Hybrid Target boasts an ultra-high ballistic coefficient (BC), resulting in flatter trajectories, minimized wind drift, and extended effective range. 3. Cutting-Edge Manufacturing: Each bullet is manufactured with the utmost precision using advanced techniques and quality control, ensuring consistent dimensions and excellent concentricity. 4. Match-Grade Performance: These bullets are designed with competition and long-range shooting in mind, providing match-grade performance to help you achieve exceptional scores and groupings. 5. Tight Tolerances: Berger's strict quality control measures guarantee consistent weight and dimension tolerances, translating into tighter groups and more predictable ballistics. 6. Optimal Stability: The Long Range Hybrid Target design enhances bullet stability throughout flight, minimizing the effects of turbulence and promoting repeatable accuracy. 7. Superior Wind Performance: The combination of the high BC and advanced design allows these bullets to slice through the wind with minimal disruption, resulting in more accurate shots even in challenging conditions. 8. Precision Bullet Seating: The bullets' consistent shape and dimensions ensure uniform bullet seating, contributing to improved accuracy and repeatability. 9. Customizable Load Development: Handloaders appreciate the consistent dimensions of these bullets, allowing for more precise load development and fine-tuning of their ammunition. 10. Long-Range Success: Whether you're engaging targets at extreme distances or aiming for sub-MOA groups, the .22 Cal 85.5gr Long Range Hybrid Target provides the tools you need for long-range success. 11. Ideal for Multiple Disciplines: These bullets are suitable for various shooting disciplines, including PRS (Precision Rifle Series), F-Class, and long-range precision shooting. 12. Unleash Your Potential: With the .22 Cal 85.5gr Long Range Hybrid Target, you have the means to unlock your full potential as a precision shooter, consistently hitting targets at extended ranges. In summary, Berger Bullets .22 Cal 85.5gr Long Range Hybrid Target 22485 (Qty 100) offers precision shooters a tool to achieve unmatched accuracy and ballistic performance. With their cutting-edge design, ultra-high BC, and exceptional manufacturing, these bullets are engineered for consistent and predictable results, even at extended ranges. Whether you're competing or honing your skills on the range, these bullets are your ticket to elevating your shooting game and pushing the boundaries of accuracy. Choose Berger for precision, and choose the .22 Cal 85.5gr Long Range Hybrid Target for precision beyond expectations.
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.22 Cal
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Long Range Hybrid Target
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