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Berger Bullets, 6.5mm, 130gr, VLD Hunting, 26503, (Qty 100)

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Berger Bullets 6.5mm 130gr VLD Hunting - Precision for Ethical Hunting

Berger Bullets 6.5mm 130gr VLD Hunting - Precision for Ethical Hunting

When it comes to hunting, ethical shooting and precision are of utmost importance. The Berger VLD Hunting Rifle Bullet sets a high standard for hunting rifle bullets, delivering exceptional performance that ensures a humane and ethical harvest. Designed for long-range accuracy and rapid expansion, these bullets are a favorite among hunters seeking a clean and humane kill.

Flattest Shooting in the Industry

The Berger VLD Hunting Rifle Bullet is renowned for being one of the flattest shooting hunting bullets in the industry. These bullets share the same design as the VLD Target Rifle Bullets but feature a thinner J4 Precision jacket that facilitates rapid expansion upon impact. When these bullets strike, they are designed to penetrate 2-3 inches into the vital area before initiating expansion, creating a massive wound cavity of up to 15 inches. This results in maximum organ and tissue damage, coupled with extreme hydrostatic shock, ensuring an ethical kill.

Secant Ogive Design

One of the key features of Berger VLD (Very Low Drag) Bullets is their Secant Ogive design. This aggressive ogive shape reduces drag significantly, making these bullets fly flatter, experience less wind drift, and retain higher velocity compared to others. The Secant Ogive design has been proven to be the most efficient shape for optimizing external ballistic performance, ensuring your shots are on target even at extended ranges.

Consistency is Key

Berger's commitment to precision is evident in the exacting core manufacturing process. When you purchase a box of Berger bullets, you can trust that they are meticulously crafted for consistency. This means you won't need to sort them by weight, providing you with more reliable drop, consistent ballistic coefficients (BC), and better accuracy. Every shot counts, and Berger ensures that each bullet meets the highest standards.

Boat Tail Advantage

Boat Tail bullets offer a distinct aerodynamic advantage, especially at longer ranges and during the transition from transonic to subsonic velocities. Berger VLD Hunting Bullets are no exception, featuring a Boat Tail design that enhances their ballistic performance. Whether you're hunting in open fields or dense forests, these bullets provide the accuracy and trajectory you need for a successful hunt.

Enhance Your Hunting Performance

For hunters who demand the best in ethical hunting and long-range accuracy, Berger VLD Hunting Rifle Bullets are the top choice. With their precision-engineered design, consistent performance, and superior ballistic coefficients, these bullets give you the edge in the field. Experience the confidence that comes with using Berger bullets for your hunting adventures.

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