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Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets, 6.5mm, 140gr, VLD Target, 26701, (Qty 500)

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  • Photograph of a bright yellow box from Berger Bullets, prominently labeled with 6.5mm, 140 grain, VLD (Very Low Drag) Target bullets, under the product number 26701. The box quantity is 500, catering to long-range shooters and precision rifle enthusiasts seeking exceptional aerodynamics and ballistic performance.
  • The image showcases a single 6.5mm Berger Bullet, weighing 140 grains, designed for target shooting with a Very Low Drag (VLD) profile, part of the product series 26701. The bullet is displayed in close-up view against a transparent background, emphasizing its sleek, tapered design for superior accuracy and long-range shooting performance.
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Berger Bullets, 6.5mm, 140gr, VLD Target, 26701 (Qty 500)

Introducing the renowned Berger 6.5mm 140gr VLD Target Bullets (26701), a top-tier choice for competitive long-range shooters. Known for their exceptional flat trajectory and minimal wind drift, these bullets set the standard in precision shooting.

Advanced Design for Unmatched Performance

The VLD (Very Low Drag) Target Rifle Bullets feature a secant ogive design, significantly reducing drag and enhancing external ballistic performance. This advanced design results in flatter shooting, less wind drift, and higher retained velocity over various distances.

Secant Ogive for Reduced Drag

Utilizing a secant ogive shape, these bullets achieve a lower drag factor, which is instrumental in delivering superior external ballistic performance, making them ideal for long-range shooting competitions.

Consistency in Every Shot

The meticulous core manufacturing process ensures that each bullet delivers reliable drop, consistent ballistic coefficient (BC), and outstanding accuracy, eliminating the need for weight sorting.

Boat Tail Design

The boat tail design of these bullets provides an aerodynamic advantage, especially during the critical transition from transonic to subsonic velocities, enhancing long-range performance.

Precision J4 Target Jacket

Each bullet is constructed with a J4 Precision Rifle Bullet jacket, renowned for its consistency and concentricity, with an unprecedented tolerance of +/- .0003". This results in minimal dispersion at all ranges.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: 6.5mm
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.264"
  • Bullet Weight: 140 Grains
  • Overall Length (OAL): 1.387"
  • Bullet Style: VLD Target
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1 in 8" or faster
  • G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.593
  • Part Number: 26701
  • Quantity: 500


The Berger 6.5mm 140gr VLD Target Bullets (26701) are an essential choice for shooters aiming to excel in long-range competitive shooting. With their cutting-edge design and unmatched precision, these bullets provide the reliability and accuracy needed to succeed in any shooting scenario. Upgrade your shooting experience with Berger's VLD Target Bullets.

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Additional Information

Model / Type:
VLD Target
Projectile Weight:
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4 Reviews

  • 5
    VLD 140

    Posted by christopher on Jun 21st 2024

    Love shooting target 140s when its 70 degrees and above they fly the best out of my Bergara

  • 5
    6.5CM 140gr Berger VLD Target

    Posted by Blaine Miller on May 24th 2024

    Great price for today’s supplies. And shipping was very fast. Hopefully Berger is back to supplying the civilian shooters again too.

  • 5
    Hard to be Berger's.

    Posted by Carl on Sep 25th 2023

    I run these in my 6.5x47 Lapua match rifle. Easily the best and most consistent Ive been able to find. They are expensive though. If its a club match I'll run Sierras, but if you want the best for a big match you cant go wrong with Berger. Looks like they are becoming more available now as well.

  • 5

    Posted by D on Sep 14th 2023

    Shoot better shoot Berger

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